Nassen Software Development - Matryx (Pc/Pro/Free)


From the homepage:
Matryx is in the first place a sophisticated step sequencer designed for complex loop creation.

Matryx has all kinds of panels, pattern-sequencers, and a song-sequencer to live record midi-in and user interface interactions including Vst-tweaks.

Matryx can be the start of a composition as a loop creation tool, a variation generator for themes, a scratchpad for song layout, and a Modular VST-rack.

But, surely, the main purpose is to be an innovative sequencer to be used in your creative process.


* Loop creation sequencer
* VST Host with Asio and Rewire support
* Mini Modular
* MidiIn + MidiOut, MTC
* VST MultiOut support
* Asio Audio record support with threshold level
* Midi Import/Export
* Mixer and mixer-states with interpolation
* VST Automation
* Wave Render (16bit|32bit)
* Chords and strumming
* Phraserecord, Rythm record, Step record
* Performance record
* Beziers
* Rythmical controllers/transposers
* Skinnable

Early adopters version available for €25!
A full functional FREE version are available.


  1. Anonymous13:48

    The best €25 I ever spend!

  2. Yes it looks good, but what do you not get with the free version?


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