Odo Synths - Unknown 64 Pro

From the homepage:
Unknown 64 pro released.
Unknown 64 Pro is DonationWare you must donate to get the full version

Whats the differents between Unknown 64 and Unknown 64 Pro ?
Mainly the sound.It much closer to the c64 than the Unknown 64 synth.

Unknown 64 pro is a one oscillator synth.
With 4 waveforms triangle/pulse/saw and noise
A filter envelope with 3 filter types lowpass/bandpass and hipass
A pitch envelope /pulsewitdh envelope and volume envelope
Every Envelope can be inverted and has 13 different curves
A ringmodulation oscillator or a ringmodulation BPM LFO
A BPM LFO for the Pulsewidth/cutoff/and oscillator pitch
3 big sequencers for creating the real c64 arps and percusions
one is used for the octave and notes
one only for octaves
one for the waveforms
All 3 sequencers are BPM sync with speeds from 1/16 to 1/128
They can be ended at every step or looped
also a vibrao/bitcrusher/midilearn and panner
Envelope restart/pickup
and ofcouse 128 presets !!!!!