Rayzoon - Jamstix v1.8

Version 1.8 - 2/12/2007

* Jamstix is now compatible with DEP (Data Execution Prevention) in Windows XP SP2
* Jamstix is now compatible with Windows Vista
* sample loading is now multi-threaded so it no longer blocks audio thread or the GUI
* added several mappings and snare L/R support for XLNAudio 'Addictive Drums'
* added several mappings and snare L/R support for 'EZDrummer'
* added a mapping for 'Battery 3'
* modified the 'Map GM Input' translation logic to adhere to GM2 standards as closely as possible
* fixed problem with subhosting Battery 3 and Kontakt 2.2
* fixed false MIDI feedback loop alarms in FL Studio 7 under certain circumstances
* fixed 'child window cannot have menus' interface creation error under certain circumstances
* added MIDI buffer reset to 'Clear All' to avoid ghost events in MIDI file exports under certain cirumstances
* fixed problems with free jam arrangement sometimes changing on replay
* fixed problem with sidestick falling silent when previewing rhythms
* fixed problem with arranger refresh in Cakewalk hosts when clicking 'Clear All'
* missing sounds no longer produce a prompt but are still written to file 'missing_sounds.html'

From the homepage:
State-Of-The-Art Virtual Drummer

* a VSTi drummer that can jam with you like a human drummer would. Steroids for your creativity!
* analyzes MIDI input as well as audio input (with limitations) in real-time and develops rhythms and adjusts parameters instantaneously, giving you the feel of playing with a human drummer
* Limb-Priority-Control ensures that the output is at all times playable by a human drummer. You can layer rhythms and fills and accents as you wish and never have to worry about whether the result sounds realistic. No more ten-armed drummers!
* incredibly realistic drumming with just a few mouse clicks thanks to features such as velocity variance, auto-cymbals, random accents, probable notes and automatic switch rules, such as ride over hihat on high velocity, sidestick over snare on low velocity, no-ghosting on low velocity and more

High Quality Sounds

* built-in high-quality drum sample player with up to 9 velocity layers and controllable ambience
* alternate samples remove machine-gun effect by varying sound at the same velocity (Paks only)
* sophisticated layering creates realistic sound accumulations based on drum types
* route sounds to 4-17 stereo outputs (adjustable)
* extensive sound library that can be expanded via expansion Paks

Integrates With Other Sound Modules

* integrated VSTi sub-hosting allows usage of any VSTi drum synthesizer, such as BFD™ and DFHS™. Combine the sounds of your favorite drum plugin with the jam power and realism of Jamstix!
* flexible key and velocity mapping
* MIDI output as well as export to MIDI file for maximum flexibility

Full Rhythm And Arrangement Control

* built-in arranger allows easy control of rhythms,intros,fills and endings in sync with your sequencer
* easy-to-use but powerful rhythm editor allows changing rhythms. Comes with a library of hundreds of ready-to-use rhythms covering various genres
* over 60 MIDI-automation parameters allow control of various aspects of Jamstix by the host sequencer

Multiple Workflows

* "Manual Jam": create complex drum tracks by hand faster than ever before
* "Free Jam": let Jamstix come up with new rhythms with or without MIDI/audio input
* "Keyword Jam": let Jamstix choose from library rhythms based on keywords
* "Keyboard Jam": play Jamstix from a keyboard, controlling velocity, rhythm changes, accents, style changes etc.


* VSTi 2.0 compliant virtual instrument with 4 to 17 separate outputs and MIDI-to-host output
* Sub-Host for a single VSTi (compatibility to specific products is not guaranteed. Use the demo to test prior to purchase) with full recall capability
* Internal sample playback engine with 370MB of drum samples (expandable via Paks) with adjustable per-sample ambience
* Library of 300+ rhythms and 240+ accents, fills, intros and endings
* Full-featured rhythm editor
* 1000-bar arranger in sync with host sequencer to control rhythm changes, intros, fills and ending
* Flexible Input-Output MIDI mapping with velocity translation to match any VSTi key layout and character
* Metronome with voice count and stick sound
* Supported sample rates: 44.1 - 96 kHz
* Copy protection: License Key


* Windows XP or 2k
* P3 or Athlon 500MHz CPU (2GHz+ recommended)
* 512MB RAM
* 500MB free hard drive space
* VSTi 2.0 compliant host

Price: 99 dollar