Renoise v1.8 Release Candidate 3

Renoise 1.8 RC3 is ready for service. This will probably be the last Release Candidate before we finish Renoise 1.8 Final.

Changes in RC3:

* New "set" command in Advanced Edit

* Set/add/sub/humanize values displayed as hex

* Default VSTi knob movement set to linear

* Improved stability and recovery when running out of memory

* Fixes labeled [fixed_rc3]. See 1.8 Beta Forum

Changes in RC2:

* New splash screen

* New demo song: Sewen - Diggin' for Gold

* New options in the View menu: Advanced Edit, Global View Presets

* Fixes labeled [fixed_rc2].

Renoise is the next generation of music tracker software, combining studio quality sound and virtually infinite expandability with a clear and concise interface putting every parameter and option literally at your fingertips!
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