ReValver Mk II 2.0.1 for Windows is released

Commercial tube amp modeler.

This version adds the following to the previous version:

* Fixed bug where plug-in deletion order matters.
* Fixed issue with Sonar "Track Template" functionality.
* Standalone host: Latency better in WDM, DirectSound, MME modes.
* Activation reminder is only shown once per session.
* ASIO, CoreAudio: Correct output devices now used, depending on input device.
* ASIO, CoreAudio: Correct channel number now used, depending on input number.
* Fixed possible memory corruption issue in Tuner.
* VST: Fixed Next/Previous program selection
* VST: Fixed program iteration delay. (Changing program would change program name only and not program)
* New drop down lists
* Spanish userguide
* A few more presets

ReValver Mk II is a second generation tube amp modeler in VST (Windows) and VST/AU (Mac OSX) format. It also contain a Live host ASIO/WDM (Windows) and CoreAudio (Mac OSX).

It models several "classic" amps with a lot of detail, and most of all, capturing the true nature of the vacuum tube sound. Over 15 programmable features of each tube stage can be set with a graphical interface. Every tube in all amps can be tweaked. As many as 17 tube types are included to choose from.

ReValver Mk II also models several stomp boxes, effects, reverbs, compressors etc... Over 50 available modules warrants the use of the word "Multi FX".

In short:

* Truly advanced valve modeling, with amps and stomp boxes inspired from the original schematics.
* Impulse Response speaker modeling, with hundreds of sampled speakers and cabinets.
* Cabinet stress and speaker distortion.
* Power amp rectifiers and output transformers.
* Import or export your own Impulse Response files.
* VST host module, allows you to insert your favorite VST plug-in right in the ReValver Mk II chain.
* Fully MIDI mappable.

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