Rosegarden v1.5 (Linux/Free)

Rosegarden is an Audio/Midi sequencer for Linux.

Release Name: 1.5.0

Rosegarden 1.5.0 is a significant feature release of the
Rosegarden MIDI and audio sequencer and notation editor.

This release contains a number of new features, most notably
audio segment time-stretching support, and a great many
usability improvements particularly in the matrix view.

This is also an interesting release from a developer
perspective, because the source code has been completely
reorganised into a new directory structure with a far more
consistent file naming and organisation scheme.

Finally, we have also changed the build system again, from
scons to cmake. Please read the README and INSTALL files
before building. Hopefully this should be the last change
of this nature for the foreseeable future.

* Add timestretching for audio segments (ctrl-drag the edge
of the segment)
* Add import and sample-rate conversion helper for arbitrary
audio file types
* Add helpful context help to status bar in track and matrix
* Various improvements to the usability and friendliness of
the matrix editor: do a better job of remembering settings,
make the snap-to-grid behaviour more intuitive and pleasing,
make better use of cursor changes, add quick-copy by
dragging with Ctrl pressed, fix several bugs
* Add tempo tapping to tempo dialog (thanks to FNPave)
* Further fixes and enhancements to Lilypond export (thanks
to Heikki)
* New Invert, Retrograde, Retrograde Invert editing
functions (thanks to Heikki)
* Make transport window remember its previous location
* More helpful warning dialogs on startup if something fails
to start properly
* Change build system from scons to cmake (thanks to Pedro)
* Reorganise code into a new directory structure with a far
more consistent file naming and organisation scheme (thanks
to everyone)

Rosegarden is designed to be easy to use, attractive, and familiar. If you've some experience with other sequencer applications for other platforms, you should find it easy enough to get up and running with: even if you haven't, it's not hard.

This tour will quickly show a few of the things Rosegarden can do, and hopefully explain how Rosegarden can work at the centre of a whole world of music composition and editing software. Read more.