Sonoma Wire Works - RiffWorks 2.1

Nice recording app for the serious podcaster.



v2.1 is a maintenance release for all versions of RiffWorks with updates and changes that improve device support, registration, graphics, plug-in support and RiffLink collaboration.


* RiffLink is still "Beta", but is stability is significantly improved.
* RiffCast during RiffLink is subject to problems in multiplayer RiffLink.
* Ends of layers can get cropped in RiffLink
* Usernames in RiffLink Chat view are not always clickable, but they should be.
* RiffLink chat does not do line wrapping.



* Standard users will receive AmpliTube 2 Live plugins (VST/AU)
* Standard users will receive SonicReality RAW Funk Grooves InstantDrummer session.
* Fixed pitfall where user could select Program Files or Windows directory as VST plugin folder causing excessive launch times.
* Fixed frozen VST plug-in UI (Amplitube 2.1, Amplitube Live 2.0.1 and Guitar Rig 2.2 work now)
* Added Ampeg SVX, Amplitube 2 Live, and GearBox, to the supported amp plugins list.
* Bypass the Amp plugin when Hardware Monitoring is turned on.
* VST Select Plugin Path behaves better – WINDOWS
* Fixed random crash on Mac when using AudioUnits
* Fixed pitfall where user could select Program Files or WINDOWS directory as VST plugin folder causing excessive launch times.
* Added IK StealthPlug ASIO driver version check and warning – WINDOWS

Standard CD installer

* On launch, v2.1 shows an activation dialog. Users may postpone activation for 30 days by clicking close, or 'Activate Later'. After 30 days the dialog will read «You must register and activate now. RiffWorks will not run until you do.» Users may press 'Activate Later' but RiffWorks will not launch.
* Serial Number is included in the box.
* The user must register to get a SonomaKey username and password in order to activate.
* Installs [RiffWorks Standard Manual.pdf]

Line 6 Edition

* Installs updated L6TWX.dll
* Supports TonePort DI and TonePort KB37
* Registration is simplified by eliminating download of registration app
* v2.1 Updater supersedes registration app and copies v1.0 drummers to v2 location.
* Prompts user to register if a Sonoma purchased drummer is detected and RW isn't registered yet (no more incorrect dialog text)
* Prompts user to register when RiffCast is clicked and RW isn't registered yet
* Prompts user to register on RiffLink screen and RW isn't registered yet
* v2.1 full CD installer copies v1.0 drummers to v2 location

All Versions

* v2.1 Updater and installer: Windows is an .exe and a Mac is a .pkg
* Update Alert dialog will appear on launch of 2.0 prompting download of 2.1 Update
* Update Installer checks to see if RiffWorks is running and asks user to quit before proceeding - WINDOWS
* Improved Registration system no longer requires zip or dmg files which caused errors with WinZip and Stuffit
* Fixed hang on quit during «Stopping ReWire...»
* Fixed bug where double quotes (") in Riff Notes, Riff Name, or Layer Name would cause corrupt song files.
* Fixed drawing bug that caused layers to not scroll properly when Input Effects was shown and hidden.
* InstantDrummer sessions are installed with their correct name regardless of what IE or Firefox try to do.
* Import feature now allows selection of .rws files to import all the riffs in a song at once, including importing into a RiffLink session.
* Restore the Input Effect settings when Hardware Monitor is toggled.
* Fixed Waveform view drawing bugs
* Fixed buzz if Solo is check on Song Layers when stopped.
* Fixed Chat view scroll bug when Input menu is hidden.
* Fixed crash on Open Song due to race condition with CheckForTapeRiff
* Fixed import song bug
* Fixed random crash on Windows with Activation Window
* Fixed race condition crash on song load
* Added click on drum screen to search for missing drummer in store
* Tweaked BufferedFileStream::SimpleFill for better performance on seek
* Included meta data with RiffCast posts
* Deleted leaking RiffCast temp files
* Updated Default song (default.rws)
* Fixed activation messages
* Fixed bad Riff name importing
* Fixed Main Window centering
* Fixed saving when not activated
* Fixed collab view scrolling
* Saves Stereo button setting in prefs
* Added Select Record Path button to Audio Setup Window
* Check Disk Space is much faster
* Centered RW window on screen
* Remembers Input channel and Output channel in prefs
* Refreshes Input channel list correctly on after device change – WINDOWS
* Fixed Input effects panel hiding messing up layer scrolling
* Fixed Song Layers mute
* Fixed popping on output limiter when maxed out
* Fixed sluggish drawing with effects or waveform showing
* Fixed sluggish riff dragging
* Fixed clicky tempo changing

RiffLink (beta)

* Title bar shows if you are connected to a RiffLink session
* Setting the InstantDrummer in RiffLink sticks better
* Opening a non RiffLink song after working on a RiffLink session no longer results in a corrupt file
* RiffLink musician profile controls RiffLink avatar rather than plone prefs.
* Fixed random crash on loading of RiffLink collab
* Logs out of RiffLink on Save
* Remembers Riff brick positions in RiffLink
* Focus on RiffLink Chat box when entering chat view
* RiffLink Chat is improved, user comments on one side, others users opposite, icons smaller, etc.
* RiffLink messages such as 'user left', 'user entered' and chat messages are seen in the status window at all times. This is useful when the chat view is scrolled etc.
* RiffLink collab (.rwc) files downloaded from the web interface work correctly
* Fixed switching between Layers and RiffLink views.
* Small tweaks made to RiffLink Collab list
* More little chat view improvements
* Fixed song import missing duplicated riffs
* Fixed song importing bugs
* Cleans up the rcs directory when opening a RiffLink song.
* Deletes all .rif files before save to remove cruft from song (helps RiffLink save)

From the homepage:
Intuitive Recording Interface, InstantDrummer, Effects, Online Jamming & Instant Podcasting

Capture ideas at the moment of inspiration. Set a tempo and start recording by strumming your guitar. Experiment with song structure using a simple Riff-based workflow. Tracks are created automatically as you play. Record multiple takes or layer parts without stopping the creative flow.

Add tempo-matched backups with the included InstantDrummer, Rex player, ReWire mixer, and metronome. InstantDrummer provides easy access to full-kit studio drum recordings - No programming necessary!

Include up to 7 studio-quality effects per layer including wah, multi-band distortion, modulation, delay, reverb, compression, and British style EQ.

RiffWorks is an inspiration platform with a familiar interface that looks like fun gear, not like a complicated DAW. It's easy, fun and productive because the focus is on playing, not engineering.

Record efficiently, stay creative, produce high-quality songs, jam online, and podcast your tunes without ever putting down your guitar. This is the most guitar-friendly recording software ever!

Record and collaborate with musicians from all over the world using the RiffLink interface integrated into RiffWorks. Any musician can join your session and work with you at the same time on the same song. There's even a built-in chat client. Each layer is instantly streamed to other current users as well as saved on the server for users who wish to contribute later. There's nothing like it!

Instantly podcast your songs using the free RiffCaster broadcasting service that is integrated into RiffWorks.

Price: Standard $169.99