VirSyn - CANTOR 2.1

Cantor Turns your computer into a singer.

CANTOR 2.1 adds a new voice model called “Time model” especially suited for male voices. It is like an artist's palette with a new colour added - that one new colour can add to all of the other colours already there.

Multitimbral vocal synthesis

* Realtime vocal synthesizer.
* 8 independent vocal lines (parts).
* English pronouncing dictionary with 120000 words
* German pronouncing dictionary with 100000 words
* VOSE vocal synthesis engine – no samples used.
* Built in sequencer with matrix editor.
* Voice editor for simulating the vocal cord.
* Phoneme editor for simulating the vocal tract.
* Individual modulations for each note.
* MIDI Import function for notes, lyrics, expression and pitch bend data.
* Manual/automatic operation with VST/AudioUnit/RTAS Host.
* Built in mixer for layer and split key functionality.

Realtime parameter

* Brightness
* Tension
* Humanize
* Metallize
* Gender factor
* Vibrato
* Breath noise

Read more about Cantor here.