VirSyn - miniTERA 2

miniTERA is a synth with sound design features.

New in miniTERA version 2

- Easy Sound browsing with categories and attributes.
- Up to four layer per preset for massive sounds.
- Onboard reverb effect
- Dual mode for modulation effects
- Modified signal flow for better transparency of layered sounds.
- MIDI channel selection
- 100 new presets/sounds
- Intel based Mac compatibility
- VST 2.4 compatibility

From the homepage:
miniTERA will change the way you use and design sounds !

Reduce to the max !

miniTERA offers a radically simplified approach to sound design. You don´t need to dig into the secrets of traditional preset programming to change a sound in a musical meaningful way. We have done this for you !

8D meta sound parameter

Every preset in miniTERA has a built in “Sound designer” which presents you a set of up to eight meta parameters for convenient access to the most important aspects of the sound.

Is miniTERA made for you ?

If you feel that using samplers gives you not “your” sound and programming complex Megasynths like TERA 3 is too cumbersome and time consuming the miniTERA is made for you !

What you get is what you need

Don´t be fooled by the simple user interface of miniTERA. Behind the scenes one of the world´s most powerful multi synthesis engines is working for your sound: TERA 3.

Sound design with miniTERA is a simple process:

- Select a base sound to start from one of the 500 meta presets.

- Optionally use the “slot machine” giving you a really useful random preset with every other click !

- Change the sound characteristic with the eight meta parameters to suit your taste. You can use this “8 dimensional sound morphing” also for extremely expressive sound movements too.

- Adapt the FX settings to fit the sound into your music.


- Multi synthesis engine compatible to TERA 3 presets.
- Unique 8D meta sound parameter
- “Slot machine” for usable random generated sounds
- Arpeggiator
- FX section ( Distortion / Delay / Chorus / Flanger / Phaser )
- Available as download product for a limited time
- Stand alone mode
- VST 2 / AudioUnit / RTAS plugin

System requirements

- PC Windows XP / Pentium 2 400MHz / 512 MB or better
- Mac OS X 10.3.9 / G3 300 MHz / 512 Mb or better
- Intel based Macs

You already have TERA 3 ?

Then you will get miniTERA for free !