Wusikstation VSTi V3.1.2 Released

New Features:

* If a file is not found, the code will try to match a directory+filename during the search. If it fails, it will try the old filename search. If all failed and the sound couldn't be located, the layer will be marked with !*! before the name of the SoundSet.
* Right-Click options on the File-Browser, for the Filename-List. (Right of the window) You can Move, Rename, Copy and Delete files directly.
* New Skin option. Tool-Tips Color and Font selection. Last lines of the TXT file. See the V3 Red Default Skin for an example.
* New File-Browser option for Presets: Top Rank Mode. Right-Click and select the option to move the preset upwards. This preset will now be market as a TOP RANK preset. And will be listed first on both regular and search listings. The preset gets an extra "-rnk-" in front of the name. This is used to know if the preset is a TOP RANK preset or not.
* New Categorized Library, introducing the new WusikLIB file that links to Preset paths. Now when you click to open the File-Browser, by default, it will open the new Library option instead. Click again to open the Preset browser.
* New option for the File-Browser: "Open Library" - when checked, it will open the Library Browser instead of the Preset Browser. Clickin where you open the preset/file browser again, switches to the Preset Browser and vice-versa.
* New option for the File-Browser: "No Search Questions". When ON, if during a file load, a file is not found, and a search is made, if more than one file is found, it will not use any file and result as a "File Not Found" message at the end. So you can go ahead and find the missing files manually. Layers marked with !*! before the name of the SoundSet.
* The new WusikLIB files now can hold up descriptions of the patch/preset. This will be displayed with the Tool-Tips, while holding the mouse over the Library entree. Sound-Designers: you can open the WusikLIB files with Notepad and add new lines of description directly on the file. It should be: The Patch/Preset Path, new line, and after any description. New lines will also work on the description. (the code converts to the special "\" tool tip command)
* The whole Two Gig Collection have been categorized with the new Library option. Soon we will update even more sets to include a series of WusikLIB categorized files.
* New WSeq Fade Envelope Types: DuoPhonic Fade and DuoPhonic NoFade. This requires a Skin update in order to work, so be sure that the skin you are using is updated to V3.1.2. This new feature is very handy for Arpgeggiator and Mono sequences. Making it sound much smoother, as it uses 2 voices to play and cross-fade.
* 4 New WSeq Mod Slots. Now you got 8 Mod Lanes.
* WSeq Mod Event Source on the ModMatrix. This can be used to create Drum Tracks. The next Wusik Sound Magazine will come with a full tutorial on how to use this new feature. You can check a preset featuring this and the bellow new features under "-Feature Showcase\Multi Seq and Event (use mod wheel).WusikPRST"
* New WSequencer option: Sequence Slot. Now you have 9 sequences that can be changed in real-time by using the mod matrix. This can be used to create Drum Tracks. The next Wusik Sound Magazine will come with a full tutorial on how to use this new feature. You can check a preset featuring this and the bellow new features under "-Feature Showcase\Multi Seq and Event (use mod wheel).WusikPRST" - Skin Designers, there's only one new object, no BMP needed, do a search for the object named "EditxSeq" on the skin txt file.
* New Mod Matrix Destination: All Volumes.
* New Mod Matrix Destination: Sequencer Slot. (see above)
* New Mod Matrix Source: Keys 36 to 44.
* New WSequencer Menu Option. (right click) "Clone Selection" This will copy the current selected steps to the whole extention of the sequence. (128 steps)
* New WSequencer Menu Option. (right click) "Copy all Seqs to next Slot" This will copy all sequence-lanes from the current sequence slot to the next slot. This is very usefull when creating Drum-Rythms, so you can copy one seq-pattern (slot) to the next one.
* New Mod-Matrix Destination: Sync Fade. This option forces a Hard-Sync but in conjunction with a Fade Out+In, so the result is cleaner compared to the regular Sync. Two test presets were created on the "Presets\-Feature Showcase" directory. "Synch with Fade" and "Sync with No Fade"
* New Mod-Matrix Destination: WSeq Start - you can set where the next Sequencer Sync will jump to. This only works with Synced sequences.
* New Mod-Matrix Source: R.Robin(Note Seq) - Round Robin Note to Sequence Start, must be used in conjuntion with WSeq Start. For every new note it will jump to the next Start position and will loop after end is reached. A preset was created on the "Presets\-Feature Showcase" directory named "Round Robin (Note Seq)".

Bugs Fixed:

* Disk-Streaming problem related to note-steal. (when using sustain-pedal or running out of voices with longer decays)
* File-Browser will update the display if a preset/file is loaded outside the browser.
* File-Browser Close on Double-Click.
* File-Browser Close on Load, shows Percentage Bar.
* Missing Tool Tip on the MOD LFOs BPM/HS Selector.
* Popup-Menus will block Tool-Tips until closed.
* File Search, on selection, was exiting the search list.
* Bmp/HZ selector was still showing on some Large Skins during WSeq editing.
* When a WusikSND has a "hole" on the key/velocity-zones, it was playing the oldest zone. Now it plays Silence instead. This fixes a problem with the Drumilenium set.
* "Remember Last Path" option from the File-Browser.
* Double Slashes (\\) from Directory Paths.
* Save Preset/Patch no longer resets the File-Browser.
* The last slot of the WSequencer Waveforms List where not been used. So you could only use up to 31 waveforms, now this has been fixed to 32 waveforms as showed.
* When changing the SampleStart of a layer, it won't click anymore. (a special code was added)
* Problem related to the browsing presets via the File-Browser.
* Problem related to hosts like Forte, that would send a new Preset-Chunk while the last one was still loading.
* Error checking when a sound-file is loaded, to avoid crashing.

From the homepage:
Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts

Wusikstation is one of the most popular Sampler/Rompler out there. Since it started, if got more and more features asked by users, a new interface, easier way to load presets and much more. Its been rated by users the number one choice when creating songs.

It can cover pretty much any style of music. From NewAge to SoundTracks, from Dance to Techno. Thanks to the big selection of extra SoundSets provided by 3rd party companies, you will never get bored with it.

Price: $ 129.95