Acon Digital Media - EffectChainer v1.0.2 (Pc/Free)

From the homepage:
We have updated the effect chainer to version 1.0.2, enhanced the plug-in compatibility and created a German version.


* Universal wrapper and effect rack
* Use DirectX plug-ins in applications supporting only VST plug-ins
* Use VST plug-ins in applications supporting only DirectX plug-ins
* Can be used from DirectX and VST compatible host applications
* Supports VST and DirectX plug-ins - you can load as much plug-ins your computer can handle
* Processes audio successively by all loaded and active effects
* Supports mono and stereo inputs / outputs
* Easy to use interface providing access to all features (effect menu, options menu, mute / solo functions, drag & drop to change effect order, editor access)
* Effect editor including complete parameter and program (VST) / preset (DirectX) handling
* Possibility to save and load chains in the Acon Effect Chain file format, the common VST program / bank system or as static presets (DirectX version)
* Share effect chain files across different applications
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