Ardour v2.0 Beta 12 (Mac/universal/linux/Free)

From the homepage:

Two months since our last beta release, we are finally ready to unleash 2.0 beta12, with a huge list of fixes (below) and greatly improved stability. Here is the Mac OS X 10.4.x universal binary, a 10.3.x version can be made upon request. This will be the last beta before 2.0rc1, which will be followed by 2.0rc2 and then 2.0. There are still bugs (Shock!) in 2.0 beta12, but it’s time to get the 2.0 release wrapped up so that developers can start working on new features in addition to bug fixes. 2.0 is now at least as stable as 0.99.3, and for a number of tasks, much more stable.

The following bugs require fixes before we can release 2.0rc1:

* crashing bug that occurs some of the time when closing a session
* cleanup logic not correct
* possible rect redraw errors
* Generic MIDI control restore problems
* if auto-play is enabled, transport starts up at session open
* Ardour crashes when in MTC sync mode (slave) while using a punch in.
* export range doesn’t do the right thing (neither does bounce)

When 2.0rc1 is released, no more changes to strings will be permitted, allowing translators time to catch up (though now would be an excellent time to start, since few other changes are anticipated between now and then anyway). 2.0rc2 will be a test release of 2.0 itself, and we don’t anticipate any issues.
Changes Since 2.0beta11.1

* ardour executable is now versioned
* fix for plugin UI control packing (Olivier Doare)
* detect missing ALSA MIDI subsystem and do not die if this situation
is found
* many subtle but powerful changes to region & track selection model
* new TransitionToRoll/TransitionToReverse commands (Ctrl-Up and
Ctrl->Down respectively)
* add GUI control for use-overlap-equivalency
* improve heuristics for drawing automation lines (still not perfect)
* fix import/embed of multichannel audio files (#1433)
* fix “make mono regions”
* squash noise generation on stop when tracks/busses have no inputs
* fix crash-due-to-PIC issue with soundtouch code
* reduce double canvas redraws on zoom/position change
* order templates more intuitively in list presented to user
* remove clearlooks ID message
* JACK latency menu now shows correct value at startup
* changes to JACK latency now handled correctly
* export range marker dialog shows just /path/to/dir, not
* improve ruler scrolling a little
* improve implementation of short_path()
* fix for unsetting JACK freewheel too soon
* use ISO 8061 timestamps for snapshot default names
* get Mackie Control support working (basically) on MCU & BCF2000
* make the SFDB UI open in the same location as last time
* new ardour manual format in tree
* prevent attempts to save state when disconnected from JACK
* fix missing buffer reversal under some reverse-play situations
* change keyboard bindings for moving playhead to region starts and
ends (Comma, Period, Ctrl-Comma, Ctrl-Period)
* use spin button for tempo as per #1449
* tweak panner drawing for aesthetics etc.
* make zoom rect cover all tracks, no matter when added
* make memory limit warning dialog behave more sensibly
* use new SilentFileSource when sources cannot be found
* fix misdesign of VST GUI thread so that VST GUIs now persist and
more than one can be created
* ignore send output counts when computing effect of redirects on
track/bus stream count
* switched from GdkWindow::get_geometry() to get_size() as suggested by
the gtkmm documentation. get_size() is better supported and faster
* strip all X specific code from gtk2_ardour
* fix many buttons to avoid prelighting
* transport buttons now bindable via MIDI
* make shuttle controller now MIDI controllable
* prevent wastebasket flush after cleanup - force session reload
* optionally show solo mute status
* disable all deprecated APIs in sigc++, gtkmm etc
* create a special export dir for default exports; export dialog
defaults to that (Doug)
* remote control IDs follow editor/mixer/manual order
* fix multiple display of disk over/under runs
* don’t show automation editing cursor unless we mean it
* support –sync for debugging X
* continuous scroll added (not usable without source code hacking)
* make MMC work again
* add GUI control for MMC device ID
* don’t change waveform zoom level when waveform is hidden (save
reloading peak data)
* explictly check for autotools when building from svn
* fix timestretch file/region name issue #1501
* prevent new session construction when not connected to JACK
* fix MTC slaving (nick m)
* fix up ardour2_ui.rc file to make us impervious to all widget/class
styles (fixes color issues under KDE/desktop theme settings) (Doug)
* handle MTC time signal FPS values correctly
* fix incorrect restore of mixer strip visibility at session load
* fix for I/O names with colons #1041
* new xfade icons from thorsten
* ignore loop+range markers when looking for next/previous locations
* prevent inadvertent “sounds” dir from 0.99 from confusing 2.0
* fix for #1503, crash on new session in write protected dir
* fix compiler complaints all over
* compile tranzport code by default
* fix fixed-time cross-track drags (carl h)
* total redesign of import code to avoid intermediate file copy
* fix copy-drag of regions
* fix #1394 - The ’narrow strip’ option in the mixer does not take
extra width into account; involved some nice cleanup of width
handling in mixer strips etc.
* tweak placement of region name text; patch from b0ef for color
manager window mgmt
* fix #1497, related to lack of status.done setting when libsndfile
craps out on us
* desensitize auto-play and auto-return buttons when slaved
* handle broken libart_lgpl 2.3.18+ headers
* fix major crashing bug caused by threading issues with ->GUI
requests (many different manifestations of this bug)
* don’t use -fno-strict-aliasing when compiling
* fix bug in cleanup handling that caused dead sounds to go to the
wrong place
* Make playlist name bumping work for names where the last ’.’ delimited
element is not a number
* fix for running out of JACK ports in the middle of adding multiple
tracks or busses
* Fixed slot assignments to AudioRegion fade shape menu items (Doug)
* new internal code design for region dragging
* try to remove confusion from different export dialogs regarding
file/directory requirements
* removed old unused unix signal handling code
* fix some issues with Pango font descriptions
* make “Show Waveforms while recording” button work
* Fix for edit cursor clock being out of sync with edit cursor when
session is loaded (Doug)
* Add playhead and editcursor to ardour.colors and remove hard coded
colors (Doug)
* fix some frame count issues when importing
* Make bounce range bounce the range on each selected track, instead of
always bouncing the range on the track the selection was originally
made. (Sampo)
* fix spectacular CPU usage sawtooth caused by constant redraw of
entire rects when their bounds change
* inverted fix for mousewheel actions (Carl)
* fix panner visual corruption bug #1213
* more consistent naming for automation states;
* Make the headers on sound files created by bouncing ranges
complete (Sampo)
* new SSE-based code for peak computation
* remove peak building thread, do all peak computation from butler
thread to avoid races and wierdness with SndFile
* add “Select Range” to range marker context menu
* better x86_64 alignment patch (mike)
* fixes for ringbuffer types for x86_64 (mike)
* make OSC off by default, and add menu item to control it
* edit groups tab gets headers (carl)
* don’t duplicate sources when embedding
* use UTF-8 friendly Glib::ustring for all source-related strings
* fixup plugin UI automation buttons
* allow retention of playlists during cleanup (MrBouncy)
* update editor mixer action if strip is hidden due to track deselect
* fix SConstruct so that even the last x86 cpuinfo flag counts (it
could be “sse”)
* fix crash bug in mixer’s selection object after closing a session
* fix crash bug when adding new tracks
* fix egregious errors in export design, exposed by multi-range exports
* fix absurd behaviour when quitting from the new session dialog at startup if mlockable memory is low

Ardour is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit and mix multi-track audio. You can produce your own CDs, mix video soundtracks, or just experiment with new ideas about music and sound.

Ardour capabilities include: multichannel recording, non-destructive editing with unlimited undo/redo, full automation support, a powerful mixer, unlimited tracks/busses/plugins, timecode synchronization, and hardware control from surfaces like the Mackie Control Universal. If you've been looking for a tool similar to ProTools, Nuendo, Pyramix, or Sequoia, you might have found it.

Above all, Ardour strives to meet the needs of professional users. This means implementing all the "hard stuff" that other DAWs ( even some leading commercial apps ) handle incorrectly or not at all. Ardour has a completely flexible "anything to anywhere" routing system, and will allow as many physical I/O ports as your system allows. Ardour supports a wide range of audio-for-video features such as video-synced playback and pullup/pulldown sample rates. You will also find powerful features such as "persistent undo", multi-language support, and destructive track punching modes that aren't available on other platforms. Read more