ART Teknika - console 1.6.1

[Fixes and Changes]
- Fixed problem about text editing concern with plug-ins made by vst sdk2.4.
- Fixed problem with sending midi messages to some plug-ins while its gui open.
- Fixed problem with the skin.

console is a plug-in host that allows you to freely combine plug-ins of different formats such as VST2.0 and DirectX (DX) audio. Its modular system allows for flexible routing, and together with its intuitive user interface, enables sound creation at the next level.

Intuitive and graphical patching of plug-ins and audio devices.

You can visually grasp the signal flow, just as if you were connecting real devices.

Support for VST/VSTi and DirectX (DX) audio plug-ins.

console supports VST effects, VSTi software synthesizers, DirectX audio effects, and DXi software synthesizers. Plug-ins can be interconnected regardless of their format. In other words, console can be used as a VST-DX adapter.

Works as a stand alone host application or as a VST/DX plug-in.

Not only can you use console as a host for various plug-ins, you can also use console itself as a plug-in. As a plug-in, console can be used by any host application that supports VST and/or DX plug-ins. Read more