Asylum Studio Productions - PAEIN Universal Panner v1.0 (Mac/Universal/Free)

PAEIN is a highly configurable panner designed for bringing universal panning across a wider spectrum of DAW environments. The goal with PAEIN was to give tuning abilities for straight forward pan calculations without the cloud of specialized algorithms. A visual interface was designed to give good visual cues as to how the panning algorithm works over the panning range. RTAS and Windows versions are being worked on and should be available within the next few months.

OSX AU/VST Universal Binary (RTAS & Windows versions coming soon!)

The idea behind this plugin is to have a panner you can use in any DAW you wish that is very configurable by the user without any special magic inside that leaves you wondering what happened to your audio. In other words, you have complete control of what the plugin is doing.

PAEIN is based on the Max/MSP programming environment. To use PAEIN, you need to install the Cycling74 Pluggo runtime library listed in the instructions below.