Benedict Roff-Marsh - SynthStudio Pack II - Extra Tools

From the homepage:
The SynthStudio Pack II - Extra Tools is the perfect companion to SSP I because it brings you the addition of 6 Specialist Synthesizers, a Sequencer/Arpeggiator, a set of MIDI LFOs + ADSR Envelope, a Fixed Filter Bank/Graphic Eq, and a Ring Modulator with a Chorus. But most importantly, SSP II brings you new ways to be inspired and creative. If you are still learning how electronic music and synthesis works then SSP II offers you the chance to learn how to program an FM synth, the basics of Additive Synthesis, Wave Sequencing , Analog Sequencing and about several other advanced techniques.

If you don't own (or intend to own) SSP I then never fear because SSP II offers so much from it's 10 units that it is tremendous value for money all on it own. Every synth and effect unit in your studio will benefit from the addition of Mod-u-Law and having the amazing power of Seq 28-116 to create fascinating sequences and arpeggios will ensure that you never suffer from writer's block and that's without considering the synths.

SSP II - Extra Tools builds on the tradition of SSP I and brings you another 10 units that cover specialist synths and samplers, midi lfos and envelopes, pattern sequencer and arpeggiator, and a couple of signal alterers all for the same amazingly low price so you can do more without breaking your budgets.

Price: 7.50 dollar