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The new standard for editing, processing, mastering and delivery on Mac OS X.

Introducing Peak Pro 6… the evolution of an award-winning standard on Mac OS X.
Whether you're a musician, composer, sound designer, audio editor, Podcast producer, Web designer, or mastering engineer, Peak Pro 6 offers more creative potential than ever before. Reliably mature, yet always inspired. Feature rich, yet flexible and friendly. By itself, or along-side your favorite DAW, Peak Pro 6 streamlines your workflow — with industry renowned sonic quality and precision.

Advanced Playlist Editing & Mastering

* Mastering & "Classical Editing" Cross-Fade Modes: Overlap/Gap & Centered cross-fades optimize workflows.
* Volume envelopes: easily & precisely edit volumes across entire regions, fades & cross-fades.
* Custom Default Fades: create, save & load your favorite cross-fade shapes & apply them automatically.
* Controls: pre/post roll audition, insert new event at play-head, edit sync between source document and region & more.
* Playlist waveform zooming tools: zoom to sample level, auto-zoom to cross-fade, zoom out all the way.

Editing, Processing & Sound Design Power

* Cache in RAM: ultra-fast RAM-based editing.
* Perpetual Loop DSP: ensures perfect "beat-free" sustained loops on monophonic sources. Ideal for creating instrument sample libraries.
* Voiceover Ducking DSP: dynamically lowers music level during voice over — ideal for Podcast authoring.
* Change Pitch & Convolve Envelope: apply dynamic changes over time.
* Change Duration options: algorithmic selection for optimizing results on vocals or musical content.
* Vbox Cross-synthesis Link: mix, convolve, vocode, modulate & magnitude multiply virtual instruments, audio, effects & live input for creative sound design.

User Interface Enhancements

* Global contrast control: allows customization of user interface from dark to light.
* Vbox: MIDI channel mapping, enhanced preset control & more.
* "Magnetic" windows: windows snap together for optimal screen management.
* Custom playlist UI: hide/show cross-fade controls & more.
* High-resolution meters: logarithmic metering with high-precision, user configurable standard calibrations.

Multiple Delivery Tools

* Advanced PQ sheet/text export: custom playlist reports include durations, index points, CD-TEXT info, notes, & more. Print, save to PDF, or export as a tab-delimited file.
* iTunes integration: quickly export audio documents or playlists directly to iTunes. Drag & drop audio between iTunes & Peak playlist.
* Metadata audio file support: read/write metadata for most major file types, including Broadcast WAVE.
* Podcasting: author & upload Podcasts directly from Peak.
* Default Save As: set file type, bit depth & compression.

Order Peak Pro 5 Today to Secure Your Free Upgrade to Peak Pro 6!

Beginning March 15th, 2007, all customers purchasing the full retail editions of Peak LE 5 and Peak Pro 5 will be eligible for free downloadable upgrades to Peak 6 when available in early Q3, 2007.


Musikmesse Expo • Hall 5.1 B63 • Frankfurt, Germany • March 28, 2007 • BIAS, Inc. today announced new sales incentive programs in advance of the early Q3 2007 release of Peak Pro 6, the recently announced update to the award winning stereo audio editing, processing, mastering and delivery software for Mac. The incentives include special pricing on current upgrades to Peak Pro 5 as well as new purchases of Peak LE 5, Peak Pro 5, and Peak Pro XT.

Buy Peak 5, Get Peak 6 Free: Beginning March 15th, 2007, all customers purchasing the full retail editions of Peak LE 5 and Peak Pro 5 will be eligible for free downloadable upgrades to Peak 6 when available in early Q3, 2007.

Buy Peak Pro XT, Get Free DDP Export Extension plus Peak Pro 6: From March 28th, 2007 through May 31st, 2007, customers purchasing Peak Pro XT — the premium extended technology edition that includes Peak Pro 5, SoundSoap Pro and SoundSoap restoration plug-ins, plus the Master Perfection Suite (6 powerful new plug-ins for mastering, processing, and sound design), will not only receive a free upgrade to Peak Pro 6 when available, but also a free $399 US value DDP Export Extension. The Disc Description Protocol (DDP) Export extension allows fully compliant DDP 2 files sets to be exported directly from Peak. This valuable addition ensures accurate reproduction of pre-masters designed for commercial replication as well as compatibility with high-end digital audio workstations and CD replication systems such as those made by Eclipse used by major labels and production studios worldwide.

Upgrade To Peak Pro 5 Now, Get Peak Pro 6 Free and Save: All registered users of Peak 4 or earlier can now upgrade to Peak Pro 5 for just $149 US as a download (a savings of $30 off the standard price) from now through May 31st 2007 and receive a free downloadable upgrade to Peak Pro 6 when available. After this date, these users can upgrade to Peak 5 for $179 US and receive a free upgrade to Peak Pro 6 when available. Once Peak Pro 6 is released, the price for these users to upgrade to Peak Pro 6 will be $249 US.

Cross-grade From Peak Express/SE/DV/LE & Spark/XL/LE to Peak Pro 5 or Peak Pro 5 XT: All registered users of Peak Express/SE/DV/LE as well as TC Works' discontinued Spark application can cross-grade for $399 US to Peak Pro 5 or $899 US for Peak Pro XT and receive a free upgrade to Peak Pro 6 when available. A registered serial number is required for eligibility. Offer expires May 31st, 2007.

Peak Pro 5 to Peak Pro 6: All registered users of Peak Pro 5 can pre-order their Peak 6 upgrade from now through March 31st, 2007 at a reduced price of $149 US as a download-only purchase. When Peak Pro 6 is available, the upgrade price for Peak Pro 5 users will be $179 US. For additional information, contact BIAS, Inc.

About BIAS
BIAS, Inc., a privately held corporation based in Petaluma, California, is an established leader in cutting-edge audio software technology. BIAS' award-winning product line — which currently includes Peak Pro XT, Peak Pro, Peak LE, Deck, Deck LE, Master Perfection Suite, SoundSoap, and SoundSoap Pro — can be heard on numerous hit recordings, Hollywood and independent feature films, television productions, websites, video games, and other productions. BIAS, founded in 1994 as Berkley Integrated Audio Software Inc, is dedicated to crafting powerful, innovative tools for audio, video, and film professionals, as well as musicians, composers, multimedia developers, and Internet authors.