Blue Cat's Dynamics v1.4

* New user interface design.
* Several ergonomics improvements.
* Skin loading performance improvement (up to 80% faster).
* Reduced memory consumption when using several instances.
* Compression graph clarity and rendering performance enhancements.
* Window Opacity Management: make the plugin window transparent and see behind.
* Blue Cat's Skinning Language 1.3 support.
* (Bug fix): on the stereo version the sidechain filter did not work as expected in some situations.

Blue Cat's Dynamics is a complete dynamics effect processor: it can be used as a compressor, limiter, gate, expander or even distortion unit. You can manage the dynamics response of the plug-in with a unique two-thresholds system. The plug-in includes an input filter as well as a side chain filter, in order to control the frequencies affected by the compression. Its continuous VCA/Opto and Peak/RMS controls let you smoothly and precisely choose the behavior of the envelope detection like you have never been able to.

A brick wall limiter/clipper has been added to the output for a complete control of the dynamics response. You can use this software as a real time side chain compressor as well, thanks to its unique MIDI CC & automation output. Side chaining has never been so easy, as you can see in our tutorial, and it even lets you trigger external hardware devices! It's also possible to trigger other effects according to the dynamics response, as shown here: you can build your own dynamics processing effect. Read more