DiVerSe - vocSteady 1.0.2

Revisions history:

Mar 01 2007 Version 1.02 - Fixed bug that occurred in certain DAWs. The bug caused vocSteady to mute upon re-loading of a session, or in offline processes.
Also, trial period is now extended to 30 days.

Tired of "chasing" your vocalists' dynamics with endless automation?

Uncertain about getting the right compression for vocal tracks?

Well, you're not alone... Vocal placement in the mix is probably the most critical and debatable aspect of most genres, and an endless source of headaches for many producers and engineers.

But vocSteady is here to level things out !

vocSteady features:

• An intelligent compression method, optimized for vocals
• One slider does it all - forget about "threshold", "ratio" etc.
• "Dual" mode for extremely dynamic sources
• Gate option for eliminating background noises (room-tone etc.)
• A low-cut option, to diminish "poofs" and hums
• A large and intuitive gain-reduction meter, with clip indicator
• Trimmers for release time and output level

vocSteady was designed by an experienced sound engineer, who has over ten years of experience with vocalists of all types and professional levels. It is designed to be an intuitive vocal leveler: all you need to do is plug it on to your vocal channel, and in most cases – that'll be enough! You will get a steady and comprehensive vocal track – even if your vocalist whispers in the verses, screams in the choruses and sneezes in the C-part…

And here's the best part: vocSteady is available for only $64 – a small price to pay for never thinking of vocal compression again…

Once you have downloaded and installed vocSteady, you will get to experiment with it for 30 days. A simple registration dialog will pop up each time you plug it in, to remind you how much time of free usage you still have. After you register, you'll receive an e-mail with some code. Copy and paste it into the registration dialog – and that's it: vocSteady is all yours.

Price: $64.00 USD