Korg - KORG Legacy Collection v1.1.10

The update for Windows includes support for Windows Vista (32-bit) and some minor bug fixes. The update for Mac fixes some minor bugs.

The KORG Legacy Collection series are packages that contain software versions of classic Korg synthesizers. Delivering perfect replications of the original sounds while adding many new functions that open up fresh possibilities, these software synthesizers have received the acclaim that you would expect from Korg, the original manufacturer.

Proprietary CMT technology reproduces the circuitry performance of the original synthesizer
The Polysix, MS-20 and new Mono/Poly software synthesizers use Korg’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to perfectly reproduce their sound and response. CMT reproduces not only the sound but also the character and response curve of each parameter, so that the results are completely faithful to the original model. Finally the complex sound and parameter response can be perfectly reproduced, delivering all the power and subtlety that up until now only true analog synthesis could provide. Read more.