Native Instruments announces KORE 2

core 2

New version of the advanced host system brings integrated sound
arsenal, next-level preset management and extended interface concept

Berlin, March 28th 2007 – Native Instruments today announced KORE 2,
the second generation of its advanced multi-functional host system. The
new version significantly extends and refines the innovative concepts
introduced and established with KORE – seamless integration of any
software instruments and effects into a unified architecture, powerful realtime
parameter control, and comprehensive sound access functionality. At
the same time, KORE 2 expands its role by directly integrating powerful
sonic capabilities with an comprehensive included sound library based on
integrated NI instrument engines.
While remaining an open platform for all software instruments and effects,
KORE 2 now also includes its own powerful sound capabilities, realized in
an exceptional library of 500 specially designed studio-quality
KoreSounds®, each with multiple sound variations, covering all relevant
musical styles and genres. The ready-to-use sound arsenal is based on the
integrated engines of ABSYNTH, FM8, GUITAR RIG, KONTAKT, MASSIVE,
and REAKTOR, and offers highly focused, musical sound shaping
The standard library included in KORE 2 offers a profoundly useful
selection of production-ready sounds designed by Native Instruments, with
additional sample-based instruments from renowned sound provider
Sonivox. At the same time, KORE 2 introduces the new “Sound Variations”
concept that goes beyond the scope of conventional instrument presets.
Any sound in KORE 2 can include up to eight variations, which are directly
accessible within a dedicated interface area that even allows for seamless,
intuitive morphing between multiple varities of a sound.
KORE 2 provides musicians with a revised user interface, and offers a new
way of utilizing instruments and effects that is more efficient, more
inspiring and more accessible at the same time. At the center of the KORE
2 interface is the new Sound Matrix, a highly flexible yet easy-to-use
channel grid that allows users to plug in, combine and route any
combination of instruments, effects, KoreSounds® and MIDI files via
intuitive drag-and-drop operation. In any given channel, both audio and
MIDI signals can be flexibly routed within instruments and effects, which
opens up vast new possibilities for creative sound design and dynamic live

KORE 2 also takes the acclaimed “Find sounds fast” paradigm of the
system to the next level with a significantly more powerful sound browser.
The introduction of custom categories allow users to freely categorize
sounds according to their personal criteria, further assisted by a new
MultiEdit function. Searching and auditioning sounds is easier than ever
due to an improved QuickSearch feature and a new Prelisten function that
makes it possible to audition presets directly within the sound browser.
KORE 2 also offers a batch import function that can transfer preset
libraries of third-party software instruments and effects into its database in
a single go.
The advanced included hardware controller that provides the unique
hands-on capabilities of the system with its eight touch-sensitive highresolution
knobs has also been revised and optimized for KORE 2. The
integration with the on-screen interface has been taken to a new level,
making the controller a seamless, fully functional extension of the
software. The KORE 2 hardware now focuses completely on control
functionality and does not integrate an audio interface, allowing for a
smaller footprint, less weight and an overall reduced price. Further
improvements like a USB cable hook and a anti-theft lock option
specifically accommodate live performers.
KORE 2 has also been enhanced with a multitude of other new features,
including powerful and freely assignable step sequencer and arpeggiator
modules, a substantially extended effects section with more than 30 highquality
effect algorithms, multi-output capabilities for flexible routing of
individual channels, a comprehensive context-sensitive info-pane system
that explains all system features directly on screen, and a multi-lingual
interface that supports five different languages.
Pricing and availability
KORE 2 will be available in June 2007 for a suggested retail price of
€ 449 / $ 499 from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. Details
regarding upgrade and update conditions for owners of KORE 1 will be
announced at a later date.


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