NOVUZEIT - Mega-Mogue v1.0

From the homepage:
"Vintage" doesn't have to mean "obsolete".


It doesn't matter how many decades have passed since the invention of subtractive synthesis coupled with analog filtering, that sound will forever remain sublime. Achieving soft analog warmth and bright envelope attack for example, that's no easy feat in the realm of the binary. Many have tried, and many have failed. Now NOVUZEIT is ready to take up that challenge with the advent of Mega-Mogue. Mega-Mogue embodies the concept of warm analog sound through simulated dual oscillator subtractive synthesis, analog filter emulation, virtual comb filtering, etc. However, going beyond a mere retread of the past, Mega-Mogue incorporates modern technology conveniences, as well as forward-looking powerful modulation abilities.


Nearly every parameter in Mega-Mogue's interface has its own individual highly configurable LFO. The significance of this feature is astounding when it comes to patching Mega-Mogue. For example, to simulate oscillator drift, one would only have to enable the TUNE parameter's LFO. The analog filter will truly come alive once you start tweaking the CUTOFF and RESONATE LFOs. Totally polarize OSC A and OSC B's parameters, and then morph between their dichotomy using the OSC MIX's LFO. With 34 LFOs in all, there's no end to the enhanced possibilities available thanks to Mega-Mogue's comprehensive modulation integration.


Just because Mega-Mogue channels the past doesn't mean it's stuck in it. For starters, Mega-Mogue incorporates modern FX like bitcrushing, phlanging (combination phaser & flanger), and a deluxe multi-delay effect. There's stereo-panning/spreading. Distortion through VCA overdriving. A fully self modulating comb-filter. The analog filter supports LP or HP mode, plus envelope control for cutoff and resonance, as well as 30 different pole configurations. You can semi-invert and/or dual-layer the oscillator's tonal output. That's just for starters! Not to say classic features have been forgotten by any means; you'll find an arpeggiator, an enhanced ring-modulation unit, and portamento settings for example. NOVUZEIT is sure you'll find Mega-Mogue's capabilities quite thorough, with a no-nonsense logical workflow GUI that makes patching a breeze.

Mega-Mogue is truly Mega-Analogue!

The full version of Mega-Mogue gets rid of the random silence,
includes 50 presets*, and the official user's manual.

Mega-Mogue is currently only $20.00 USD.