NOVUZEIT - NeoRetro DX v1.5



* 100% complete rebuild of synthesis engine, better sound and less CPU
* An extra subtractive-synthesis layer added
* Now two different arpeggiators for each oscillator
* Track each oscillator pitch through three different ADSR-to-pitch routings
* Individual LFOs added for phase-distortion, oscillator-sync, quantize, sample reduction, etc
* New multi-filter with automated sweeping added
* 100 presets in full version; new user manual written

NeoRetro DX has all kinds of new features compared to the original NeoRetro. For starters... ever seen a synth that lets you track the Pitch through the ADSR? NeoRetro DX let's you do that, not one way, but three. Like Arpeggiators? Howabout TWO? Pulse-Division and LFO-Glide (that can glide the portamento as well), sure to make your sequences bounce and sway in ways you've never heard before. Individually selectable Waveforms for the Phase Distortion, Oscillator-Sync, Quantize, and Sample-Reduction LFOs. Different Filter offsets via drop-down menu for easy Sweeping Resonances. An additional Subtractive Oscillator layer, giving NeoRetro DX two subtractive oscillators to go with its Phase-Distortion Oscillator. All of these new features and even more, all with 25% less CPU usage than the original NeoRetro.
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