Odo - Unknown 64 Pro v1.1

whats new ?
sample rates 8000 and 4000 added
lfo to trigger pulsewitdh envelope
lfo to trigger filter envelope
flo to trigger pitch envelope
HI Boots added
Changed the polyphony from 2 to 3
some GUI Changes
help files
an extra bank of 32 presets
rearranged the presets
total presets 160

Unknown 64 Pro is DonationWare you must donate to get the full version

Whats the differents between Unknown 64 and Unknown 64 Pro ?
Mainly the sound.It much closer to the c64 than the Unknown 64 synth.

Unknown 64 pro is a one oscillator synth.
With 4 waveforms triangle/pulse/saw and noise
A filter envelope with 3 filter types lowpass/bandpass and hipass
A pitch envelope /pulsewitdh envelope and volume envelope
Every Envelope can be inverted and has 13 different curves
A ringmodulation oscillator or a ringmodulation BPM LFO
A BPM LFO for the Pulsewidth/cutoff/and oscillator pitch
3 big sequencers for creating the real c64 arps and percusions
one is used for the octave and notes
one only for octaves
one for the waveforms
All 3 sequencers are BPM sync with speeds from 1/16 to 1/128
They can be ended at every step or looped
also a vibrao/bitcrusher/midilearn and panner
Envelope restart/pickup
and ofcouse 128 presets !!!!!