PSPaudioware - PSP VintageWarmer v2.0.1

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:
- severe distortion in multi-band mode no longer occurs,
- the oversampling buffers are cleared properly resulting in no pops,
- removing the bypassed plug-in from slot does not crash ProTools,
- the scheduled parameters automation works fine in AudioUnit version.

The plug-in now fully supports 64-bit host<>plug-in streams in DirectX version, available in Sonar.

This is an Compressor/Limiter plugin.

PSP VintageWarmer 2 (plug-in AudioUnit, VST, RTAS for Mac OSX (universal Binary); VST, DirectX, RTAS for Windows; VST, RTAS and MAS for Mac OS Classic) is a high-quality digital simulation of an analog-style, a single- or multi-band compressor/limiter. It combines rich, warm analog processing with a straightforward user interface, and comes with a comprehensive library of presets. The plug-in processor is highly flexible and can be used for both softknee compression and brick-wall limiting. This makes it an essential tool for mixing and mastering engineers. Careful attention has been paid to PSP Vintage Warmer's overload characteristics with the processor being capable of generating saturation effects typical of analog tape recorders. PSP Vintage Warmer also incorporates professional VU and PPM metering together with accurate overload indicators thereby assuring professional quality results.

# The new PSP VintageWarmer2 adds the following exciting features: FAT (Frequency Authentication Technique) - PSP's quality double-sampled processing,
# Disengageable brick-wall limiting,
# Two Release Multiplier ranges for fast or relaxed processing,
# Semi-automated release mode,
# Extended band saturation levels and band release multipliers for MultiBand mode,
# 64-bit host<>plug-in audio streaming support in VST version,
# Platform-independent preset management system.
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