reFX - quadraSID 1.6

From the homepage:
QuadraSID offers far more than a simple emulation of the SID chip. Enriched with many new functions e.g. an arpeggiator, four LFOs, wavetables and a eight fold oversampling, this software instrument offers unlimited sonic possibilities, and surprises even the most experienced SID professional by its flexibility.

Each instance QuadraSID loaded emulates four SID chips at the same time - of course with four separate stereo outputs and controllable by MIDI-controllers.

reFX lets the legend live on: QuadraSID produces the timeless and immortal sound of the SID chip for the eternity!

Four SID-chips emulated
Filter, volume and pan per oscillator
Arpeggiator per oscillator
One wavetable per oscillator
Four LFOs per oscillator
Four envelopes per oscillator
Eight combiners per oscillator
128 ready-to-use presets included

Price: 60 dollar