Sinevibes - Gateboy 1.0.2


- host transport synchronization

Gateboy is an advanced gate sequencer which allows you to modulate the audio level in many interesting ways. It features a unique pattern composer with variable rate, length and smoothness. Each of the pattern’s steps, which has level and bypass controls, triggers a flexible envelope generator with adjustable shape and time. Thanks to such immense configurability, Gateboy is capable of a very wide variety of effects - from complex trancegates and intricate rhythmic sequences to expressive beat slicing and beyond. It is available as a Universal Binary Audio Unit plugin for Mac OS X.

* Pattern composer with up to 16 steps.
* Variable pattern length and rate.
* Step bypass switches.
* Multiple envelope generator shapes.
* Variable modulation smoothness and depth.


* Intel, PowerPC G4 or G5 processor.
* Mac OS 10.3.9 or later.
* A host application supporting Audio Unit effect plugins.
* User interface requires a host supporting Cocoa views. These, among others, include: Garage Band, Logic Pro 7, Logic Express 7, Wave Editor, AU Lab, Rax, Bidule and Sound Studio.

Price: $19