Soundbytes - BagPipes v1.0 Preview Release


From the homepage:
A fully working preview version of our new BagPipes VST instrument is available now.
The Soundbytes BagPipes is a sample based VST plugin instrument for the windows platform. Its elaborately crafted control engine makes it easy to play authentic sounding bagpipe styles and techniques on a simple MIDI keyboard with just basic modulator input through pitch bender and modulation wheel.
Use the BagPipes to play authentic parts with convincingly sounding ornaments, cuts, taps and staccato runs. A specially designed pipe filter adds yet another layer of realism to vibrato, fades and pitch slides.

* choose among six distinctly sounding bag pipe instruments from different european traditions:
(of course it is possible to switch instruments while playing)
o galician gaita
o swedish saeckpipa
o bock (germany)
o flemish pipe
o german shepherds pipe
o bohemian dudy
* true drone instrument behaviour.
* attack noise variation for naturally sounding trills and ornaments.
* vibrato, bag pressure and two user configurable chanter modulators are controlable through MIDI.
* rate and amplitude of the random drift modulator can be fine tuned to simulate different stages of the pipers proficiency and drunkenness.
* all modulators act simultaneously on pitch, volume and tone color for increased realism.
* very low on CPU and memory.

Price: 39 euro