Starplugs - Admiral v1.0

+++ quadrature overdrive© effect +++
The Starplugs-Admiral features the new quadrature overdrive algorithm that will give more power and strength to your tracks.
Use the Starplugs-Admiral quadrature overdrive to:
· bring lead vocals precise and powerful to the front of the mix
· add the needed crisp to backing vocals
· give drums more punch and a tighter beat
· get the right balance for synth sounds and guitars
· give acoustic instruments a more defined attack for a better groove
The "mighty" function can create:
· extreme distortion especially designed for synthetic sounds
· extreme power
· extreme destruction

If you've ever thought your digital recordings are too clean, harm- and powerless you should give it a try !

+ new quadrature overdrive© algorithm
+ "mighty"-function for extreme distortion
+ Boost - level
+ saturation meters
+ soft/hard characteristics
+ peak meters indicate input and output levels
+ power meters
+ highpass and lowpass filter

Price: 29.99 €