Steinberg - Cubase 4.0.2

The following issues have been fixed in version 4.0.2:
Issue ID Description
2686 Roomworks: After a while the plug-in may begin to produce extremely loud digital noise
2878 VSTi Track Freeze: HALion Symphonic Orchestra's (looped drum roll) will not be looped after freezing
2974 Output metering of all Plug-ins incorrect
3567 Audio Warp: Severe disc performance problems in C4
3986 CD Import doesn't work with some DVD drives
4068 Grungelizer stops working after bypass - activate
4348 MediaBay Scope: new implemented Follow Tempo handler doesn't work
4392 Select Velocity Stems in Edit-In-Place causes hung note
4489 Stuttering Cursor = MIDI Plug-in Problems
4496 Offline Process History (using plug-ins): uninvolved process steps get modified if a previous step is being changed.
4585 [HALionOne]: Sound "T8 Analog Kit" in the Studio Bank comprised endless loops
4645 [HALionOne] CPU Performance
4676 DoubleDelay (and other) settings lost from SX3 project loaded in C4
4687 Extract MIDI automation does not delete CCs from part
4695 Project incompatibility: Nuendo 3 project can not be loaded into Cubase 4
4741 Crash when removing/adding input channel
4746 Once delete External Instrument, SM2 editor never come again. (VstOpExternalEffect is not deleted)
4758 Input transformer bug with instrument tracks: duplicate track / save & reload project
4785 Open inplace editor creates defective track presets
4814 SCORE: Crash changing note length
4816 No audio and serious error on insert bypass/activate
4829 Yamaha DSP Factory - support only partially removed
4839 MediaBay crashes Cubase when scanning v1.0 and 1.1 ID3 tagged mp3 files
4842 Mixer: "Load All Mixer Settings" seriously broken
4885 Retrospective Record: Looks partially broken compared to SX3
4902 Re-routing channels takes too long ("Unresponsiveness")
4924 SynthEngine sounds different on Intel and PPC
5013 Mac: Text entry of VST3 automation data in Info line=crash!
5019 Crash on showing effect editor after second apply of track preset on audio track
5050 MIDI Track FX and Modifiers do not work
5057 [HALionOne] content in Cubase 4.01 installer: GmDrumSet 1 not registered on Win
5062 "An error occurred during mixdown" if exported sample rate is unequal project sample rate
5107 Media Bay can't find files using 2-byte characters on Japanese OS
5112 Rotary - Speed parameter doesn't work correctly after loading of preset
5161 Copying mixer channel settings does not work properly
5165 Score: Workspace crash
5181 Audio buffer down-switch causes freeze
5182 Audio recording while the audio editor of the same track is open causes poof.
5268 AmpSimulator: Using 96kHz projects possibly creates artefacts
5357 Cubase Studio 4: Fewer output-channel insert slots as specified!
5361 Cubase will "unexpectedly quit" after scrolling to a track that is a part of a collapsed track folder
5376 N.I.'s Vokator seen as mono in/stereo out
5389 Unfreeze and unload VSTi will be reload when closing the project
5412 Mackie Control: Not possible to load VST-Instruments via MC
5444 Can't open QT screen on Japanese system
5634 Changing ModMachine Rate during playback produces artefacts
5813 Loading a VSTi removes Houston from Remote Devices List
5843 MPEX Time stretching: crash by changing ratio during preview
5844 Yamaha 01X / Mackie Control paging not possible
6034 Upgrading from Cubase Mac PPC to Cubase Intel Mac might result in program freeze on startup
6397 HALionOne tuning and loop problems in several sounds
0001 Adjustments made on a remote controller affect real time audio
Don’t make adjustments on the remote controller during real time
audio mixdown.
0012 Tracks with monitor on (manual) are not included in export audio
Turn input monitoring OFF before exporting.
0034 Tim Stretch Tool does not work on very small clips. Bounce to longer clip before time-stretching.
0078 Long recordings with AIFF, WAV, BWAV and SDII, which
exceed the largest possible recording file supported by these file
formats, will result in damaged recorded files.
If you consider making recordings with duration longer than 4
hours in mono or longer than 1 hour in 5.1, select the WAV64 file
format for recording in the project settings.
0231 Adding a very high number of tracks (audio or MIDI) at once can
cause temporary unresponsiveness of the program.
Add less tracks at once, e.g. groups of 20 tracks each.
0232 Loading two projects and editing them in the score editor at the
same time (switching between the projects) creates various
Edit one project at a time in the score editor.
0234 MIDI panning in the inspector doesn't work with A1 VSTi. Use audio output panning instead.
1325 Grouping of events does not work. Mixer window must not be set to "Always on Top"
1327 System Link - Synchronization is affected by "Lower Latency"
ON or OFF status when using the Steinberg VSL 2020 cards.
Run VSL 2020 using "Lower Latency" OFF if you have sync
problems using System Link.
1338 Extract Audio from Video doesn't work with QuickTime 7 (PC).
The imported audio is distorted.
Use QuickTime 6 instead.
1352 After many hours of operation, crackling or noise might appear
in the audio outputs. This problem varies depending on the CPU
usage and the ASIO audio cards used.
Reset ASIO device from time to time.
1362 Very small audio fades (only a few samples long) may cause
Increase audio fade length.
1367 MPEX Time-stretch (Offline Processing): If portions of a clip are
stretched, sometimes there are audible artifacts occurring at the
end of the stretched range. Sounds like parts of the processed
clips are repeated.
The stretched part must be manually trimmed afterwards so that
the "repeating" sound isn't audible anymore.
1468 A project with several hundreds audio tracks might crash if you
duplicate them or add more tracks.
No solution available at this time.
1799 Audio recording might fail if individual track recording folders
were used and the record disk (e.g. Firewire device) has been
Re-assign track record folder before continuing recording.
1900 Wrong MTC is sent if Preroll is used and transport is started
from 00:00:00:00 using 29.97 fps
Set projects with NTSC frame rate to a project start time of
2215 Video for Windows or QuickTime video players are not able to
play back Windows Media Video files.
Choose DirectShow Video player in Device setup to play back
Windows Media Video files.
2545 After long audio recordings, sometimes there is a waveform
Image Construction Error.
Double-Clicking on the waveform inside Pool will recreate the
2592 [OSX only] While plug-ins Double delay or Mod Delay are in
front, Cubase/Nuendo may crash if the arrow keys are used.
Close these plug-ins or switch to project window before using the
arrow keys.
2665 MediaBay Scope Window cannot display the waveforms of SDII
audio files.
If you need to work with files that are still in SDII format, please
consider converting them to AIFF to make them compatible with
the MediaBay.
2728 [OSX only] Cubase does not show installed Rewire devices on
Mac PPC computers.
Install the last Rewire Libary. This should be be installed with last
versions of Rewire devices like actual Reason version.
2902 Channel Settings window which is 'Always On Top' prevents
events/parts being correctly copied/pasted using key commands
in Project window, and that it can happen that Channel Settings
data is copied/pasted instead to an other Track/Channel.
Close Channel Setting window before copy/paste events in Project
2915 [OSX only] Some Scrolling functions do not work properly if an
Apple Mighty Mouse is used.
This cannot be fixed inside the program. OSX is controlling the
mouse commands. If you experience scrolling problems, a
"normal" USB mouse should be used instead.
2960 On some VST Instruments (VST2 Standard, e.g. Native
Instruments), the wrong preset name is displayed after a preset
was changed. The sound actually changes correctly.
Currently no solution available. Further investigation is in
3073 Offline Processing (e.g. Time stretch) may fail or crash if the
processed files have extremely long filenames or names
containing special characters.
Check the files you import for non-standard naming before Offline
3111 Imported WMA Surround Files may crash the program on
Please check conversion of the WMA files first.
3138 Mixer (Extended view) Title Bar is outside the screen. (Mac dual
monitor Setups only)
Put Mixer in un-extended state and move it to a lower position on
the screen, then extend it again.
3173 OMF created in Cubase 4 cannot be loaded in Logic Pro 7.1
(Logic crashes)
Check for Logic Pro update to address this.
3266 MIDI) Recording sometimes fails (abortion or freeze) when using
MIDIMan (M-Audio) MIDISport 8x8 MIDI interface with the
default Windows MIDI Driver.
You need to use the DirectMusic MIDI ports, which are invisible by
default. Please refer to the MIDI_Port_Filter_EN.pdf on the
installation disk.
3710 Plug-in IK Multimedia Amplitube version 1 causes crash. Use version 2 of IK Multimedia Amplitube.
3724 Macros that contain a [Delete] command may fail or crash when
they are executed on empty tracks.
Avoid executing Delete-Macros on empty tracks.
3740 If MIDI track inside (closed) folder track is unfrozen, that MIDI
track will still be frozen and nothing can be done to fix the state.
Repeat un-freeze with the folder unfolded
3834 Some MP3 files may fail to play correctly in project context
(Media Bay)
Prefer working with uncompressed audio files (WAV, AIFF)
3868 Cannot delete font sets You can delete a font set by selecting it from the menu while
holding down PC or Mac
3873 ASIO device cannot be initialized when application is first started In device setup, change driver to ASIO Full Duplex and then back
to default ASIO Device
3896 Videos with H.264 codec may cause problems with the video
thumbnails and consume much CPU performance.
Prefer less compressed video codecs for professional use (e.g.
DV format)
4167 [OSX only] MediaBay doesn't automatically recognize if files
have been altered, moved, added or deleted in the finder.
Manually force a re-scan.
4307 After manually forcing "refresh" on a certain folder in the
Browser, the MediaBay often indicates a wrong "scanned" state
(folder remains grey).
Restart the application if required.
4321 MediaBay: Sometimes files with customized attributes (attributes
created by the user) cannot be found in Detail Search.
The tagged files should have been selected and viewed at least
once in the Tag Editor with "all (attributes)" mode.
4346 MediaBay: REX files cannot be previewed in project context. Unfortunately MediaBay don't allow playing REX files in context.
4353 Deleting a very large number of Group Channels at the same
time may cause a crash.
If you need to delete a very large number of Group Channels,
preferably do this in portions of up to 10 Group Channels at a
4364 In very large sound libraries, sometimes not all files are found by
the MediaBay on the first scan.
Use the right-click (OSX: Cmd-click) option to "Refresh" the
browse location.
4368 Using MP2 audio files may cause problems in the MediaBay. Convert MP2 audio files if you rely on having them organized by
the MediaBay. Will be fixed in future update.
4414 Transport is stuck after loading a project which has a start time
other than 00:00:00:00 and MTC is sent.
After loading the project, once click with the mouse into the
timeline to position the play cursor manually.
4424 Files that are deleted in the MediaBay Viewer are not put into
the Trash but actually erased immediately.
Be careful when deleting files from the MediaBay Viewer.
4474 MediaBay: Files can not successfully tagged if the file is
currently in use. This also affects files currently playing in
preview (Scope).
When tagging files make sure they are neither currently used in
the project nor previewed in the MediaBay Scope.
4527 “Browse Sounds” dialog: Cubase may freeze/crash, when user
cancels the creation of instrument track while sequencer is in
record mode.
Don't use "Browse Sounds" in Record Mode.
4544 On single CPU PC, plug-ins with complex GUI can cause
program hang or freeze after a while, especially when large
amounts of automation is written. This happens only if the plugin
GUI is open.
Close the plug-in GUI when it's not needed.
4832 Exception error when dragging a WAV file into project while
another file is currently being converted
Wait until conversion of first file is finished before dragging another
4973 File names of saved projects are truncated when a date is
included at the end of the name
Please avoid “.” (full stop) in project file names
5231 For linked audio tracks, engaging REC might not cause all
tracks to record
Check preference “Enable Record on Selected Track” to be
5248 On certain systems with Intel Hyperthreading technology
Cubase4 might freeze under heavy load
Please deactivate Hyperthreading in such case
5279 Mac Pro built-in audio device not available in multichannel I/O
(Mac only)
Create an Aggregate Device of the built-in audio devices using the
Audio MIDI Setup utility
5446 Changing the ASIO/CoreAudio hardware buffer size with certain
plug-ins (like Waves RVox) open and in bypass may cause
system to freeze
Make sure no project is loaded when changing the ASIO/Core
Audio hardware buffer size
5503 REX2 files cannot be copied from MediaBay into project Use the “reveal in finder” function to locate the REX2 file and drag
the file into the project directly from there
5616 Studio Manager ports are not recalled correctly when loading a
Cubase SX3 or Nuendo 3.x project into Cubase 4
You need to assign the proper MIDI ports manually within Studio
5639 Copying/pasting parts between folder parts sometimes fails.
Parts are not aligned correctly.
When copy/paste of complex part arrangements is required try to
avoid pasting into existing folder parts
5669 If Media Bay window is in "always on top" mode, commands
executed in the project window (e.g. "delete") will affect selected
files in the Media Bay browser.
To avoid this, don't set Media Bay window to "always on top".
5773 Arpache SX doesn't sound smooth when ASIO buffer size is
very large.
Reduce ASIO buffer size.
5860 VST System Link synchronisation: The slaved system doesn't
follow "Preroll" of the master correctly.
Disable "Preroll" if VST System Link synchronisation is required.
5861 Jog / Shuttle via System Link does not work. Make sure to have equal project start time settings on all involved
5862 Possible VST System Link synchronisation problem when the
same port is used for both audio and VST System Link.
Run VST System Link through dedicated audio (separate from
audio) port if this occurs.
5864 VST System Link cannot be deactived in Transport with Sync
Deactivate the sync under Device Settings / Audio Bay / System
5865 Timing problems if multiple computers are synchronized via a
System Link chain (open loop). The computers "later" in the
chain may play MIDI inaccurately and Cycle does not work.
Use MTC for synchronizing systems in an open loop.
5927 VST Connection Presets don't restore ASIO ports correctly if
"not connected" ports are involved.
Either assign the VST connection busses to existing ports, or
remove unused busses.
5983 Retrospective Record: If a single Midi Input Port is selected,
events from all parts are still stored.
Make sure the unselected MIDI Ports to not play unintended data.
5985 Possible crash when MIDI List Editor is being closed during
Stop playback before closing the Editor.
TimeBandit time stretching and pitch shifting no longer available Use MPEX3 or Realtime mode instead
DirectX plug-in support no longer available Use VST versions of plug-ins instead or use any of the available
DX wrappers
Real Audio import/export is no longer supported Use MP3 or WMA Pro instead. In addition, external encoding
solutions for Real Audio are available.
Intel Mac only: virtual instruments Monologue, Embracer and
Tonic, Apogee UV22/UV22HR plug-ins not available
Currently no solution available. These plug-ins are incompatible
with Mac Intel systems

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