Steinberg - Sequel

From the homepage:
Sequel turns you into a producer, and gives you your own fully-loaded music studio. You need HipHop beats for your latest track? Or want to surprise your friends at your next party with your own electro live-set? Sequel gives you everything you need to produce pro-quality tracks at home, on a plane, in the rehearsal room or even live at a club.

And best of all, Sequel is so easy to use that you can get creating your own music straight away.

Want to get them bangin’ their heads to NuMetal or chill out to Ambient? Produce your own tracks in any ‘now’ musical style with over 5000 outstanding loops and over 600 instruments. Just a few minutes will see you creating your own songs, even if you can’t play an instrument or don’t have any musical knowledge at all. Because Sequel stays in the right key automatically, and never gets thrown out of rhythm, leaving you to get creative with your own music.

You sing, rap or play an instrument? Sequel gives you your own studio where you can record and rearrange your vocals or instruments. Produce your Sequel song with your very own production style and record your own vocals to produce a demo for a record label or your own MySpace page.

Be it disco basslines, guitar riffs, breakbeat loops even piano parts, you can find exactly the right sound or loop in just a few clicks with the MediaBay sound browser. Preview sounds with your song playing and if it fits, just drag into the project. You can use your own loops or add sounds from other companies.

With Sequel you can shape your song so that it sounds just the way you want it. Simply move and copy parts to set up your song structure in next to no time. Let Sequel do the work by automating settings like volume for the whole song. With the sleek, unique interface, you can edit and change loops or instruments you’ve recorded any way you want, for example by changing the pitch or length of a note or recorded instrument to match the song.

A real hit needs a pro mix. Sequel gives you all the tools and effects you need, including ones used by pros in their own studios. In Sequel, you’ve got a full mixer, equalizer for each track, and an armory of effects that will get your music sounding punchy, polished and ready for radio. Export your mix as an audio file to burn to CD. Or send your song directly to iTunes to convert to MP3 and get it ready for podcasting.

Sequel lets you play, rearrange and remix your music live, on stage or in a club. Just load up the 16 live performance pads with song sections and variations, and create your own song live. Click on a section, loop it as often as you want and then fire off the next one, reacting to the crowd and keeping that dance floor packed! With Sequel you can come up with unlimited new ways of performing your songs live.

Price: €99.00