From the homepage:
No Convolution Reverb in your DAW ?

No Problem! The new REFLECTIONS LE Reverb PlugIn does not only sound excellent, it also is very friendly to your CPU even at latencies down to zero (!) samples. The provided library consist of many hundreds absolutely studio-suitable impulse-responses from the best world-class hardware reverberation devices!


REFLECTIONS LE is a reverberation plugin of reference class, that can reproduce the sound-quality of the best hardware devices of the world absolutely exact. It is based on a highly optimized algorithm, that is capable to apply reverbs or even real rooms 1:1 on any audio signal in realtime. Comparable to the functions of a sampler, a real room or a hardware device is recorded. Afterwards it is processed in a way that it can be used as a preset in REFLECTIONS LE. So it is not simply a model of the room, but the reflections of the room itself will be calculated exactly in realtime.

Of course REFLECTIONS LE works with up to 96 kHz, 32-Bit floating point technology and the SSE instructions of your host CPU to reach a overwhelming performance on modern computers.

The provided library consists of impulse-responses that where created by experienced audio engineers. You can use them directly in your productions very easy. You would not belive your ears, how much better REFLECTIONS LE will sound against conventional reverberators of the low- and mid-class. Even if reverbs usually do not stand in foreground of musical contexts, they do affect the sound of the whole mixdown remarkably. Alone with using a first-class reverb, your mixdown can sound a couple of classes better! The library can also be used with other convolution engines.

You can order REFLECTIONS LE immediately for a introduction price of 59 Euro per e-mail or paypal. You will find our contact data in the imprint. Later we will offer more possibilities to purchase this product. You will receive a CD-ROM with your license and the whole library, that is around 500 MB big.


- First class 500 MB studio-library
- Easy and friendly user-interface
- Production-ready Presets
- Expandable through own impulse-files
- Modulation of the reverb
- Extended stereo-adjustment
- Reverb-optimized high- and lowpass-filter
- High-optimized stereo algorithm
- Samplerates up to 96 kHz
- 32 Bit Floating Point Operations
- Latencies from 0 to 512 samples


- Audio-Interface with ASIO drivers
- Windows XP
- VST compatible host application
- 500 MB harddisk space in the VST folder
- Intel or AMD CPU with SSE Instructions