Tone2 - FilterBank2 v2.5

14.3.2007 FilterBank2 updated to v2.5 (free for all FilterBank2 customers)
- 9 new filtertypes: Analog LP SVF,analog HP SVF,analog BP SVF, analog BR SVF, Allpass 30dB, EQ block, Vocals2, 5 stage combfilter, Moog lowpass analog
- Improved existing filters: Higher accuracy, normalized filter gain, higher performance
- Improved GUI: Smooth knob movements, no flickering on redraws
- Default midi CC# assignments, all parameters can be accessed by midi now
- All notes off supported
- Improved host compatibility (Sonar and others)
- Manual updated

Tone2 FilterBank2 is more than a high-end quality stereo filter effect plugin. It is flexible, modular DSP unit which replaces a rack full of hardware. You can use it as synthesizer to create impressive sounds and unique textures or as effect unit to process your tracks. Get in touch with it and forget time and space!

* 63 high-end stereo filters
* 2 LFO's/OSC's with BPM Sync and 11 waveshapes
* aliasfree FM and AM
* 12 oversampled types of distortion
* 20 types of surround delay, reverb
* compressor
* vocal filtering
* equalizing
* phaser, flanger
* feedback
* assignable step sequencer

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