Toontrack - Superior 1.6.0
dfh SUPERIOR is a drumlibrary combined with the SUPERIOR-Plugin. Developed in Synergy to create real, life, live, drums.

dfh SUPERIOR Facts & Features

• 35 Gigs & 85,000 soundfiles of unprocessed multiple mic "interactive" drum & percussion sounds providing unparrelled realism
• No pre-processed sounds, all sounds have been recorded without any pre or post processing of the sounds
• All sounds are recorded in the sequences and with the grips (left/right hand/foot) natural when playing
• Drums by Morgan Ågren (Mats&Morgan, Frank Zappa, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects)
and Tomas Haake (Meshuggah)
• Percussion by Mikael Emsing, Cocktail by Per Mikaelsson
• All Sounds are powered by our customized plugin
• 5 Drumkits (Ludwig, Sonor, DW, Fibes & Premiere drums)
• More than 60 Cymbals: Sabian, Zildjian, MEINL, Masterwork & Istanbul
We multisampled more than 60 different cymbals, many of them are handmade prototypes from sabian (the cymbals alone are worth the price of this library)
• 17 Snares: DW, Ludwig, Ayotte, MRP Drums, Tama & Pearl
• 8 Hats: Sabian & Zildjian
• Specials: 2 Cowbells, and a set of Rototom frames
• 1 Massive MEINL Percussion Kit with congas,
bongos, shakers, tambourines & much more.
• 1 Cocktail Kit from Yamaha

You need:
35 Gb of free hard disc space, DVD drive, display capable of 1024x768 • Windows ME/2000/XP, PIII/Athlon 500 MHz with 512 Mb of Ram • Mac OS X 10.3.9, G4 500 MHz with 512 Mb of Ram • a software sequencer or virtual instrument host.

7200 rpm hard drive with 40 Gb of available space, DVD drive, display capable of 1024x768 • Windows XP or better, PIII/Athlon 1.8 GHz with 1 Gb of Ram • Mac OS 10.4.2 or higher, dual G4 1.25 GHz with 1 Gb of Ram • a sequencer or virtual instrument host capable of handling multiple outputs • a high quality audio soundcard with ASIO or CoreAudio driver • a midi interface and external controller such as keyboard, drum pads or electronic drumkit.

dfhSUPERIOR now supports Universal Binary for Intel Macs
as public beta.

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