Wave Arts - Power Suite v5.30


Power Suite 5:
TrackPlug 5
MasterVerb 5
FinalPlug 5
MultiDynamics 5

Version 5.30 update:
- fixed problem automating VST parameters that involve latency change (playback issues)
- implemented a new thread synchronization mechanism so that performance issues (graphics updating, slow responsiveness in particular circumstances) are avoided
- MultiDynamics latency now properly reported
- TrackPlug EQ display correctly reflects bypass state
- fixed crash problem with Wave Editor (Mac)
- FinalPlug adds denormalization protection
- Fixed permissions problems on both Mac and Windows where accounts in user mode had problems accessing the user preset files or graphics resources

TrackPlug 5 features comprehensive per-channel processing tools in one plug-in: 10 band EQ, dual compressors, a gate, now including sidechain modes and more.

MasterVerb 5 is a multi-algorithm reverb with a variety of early reflection patterns and reverb types, with powerful EQ and envelope controls.

FinalPlug 5 is a professional peak limiter and volume maximizer, featuring an improved limiting algorithm for greater sonic clarity.

MultiDynamics 5 provides up to six bands of independent compression or expansion for precision dynamics processing, now with vintage and clean modes.

Panorama 5 is a specialized tool for creating stunningly realistic 3-D audio scenes using regular stereo sound, including environment modeling, reverb and the Doppler effect.

Price: $599.95