Waves - L3-LL Multimaximizer / L3-LL Ultramaximizer

L3-LL Multimaximizer
From the homepage:
With the L3 Multimaximizer, Waves revolutionized the world of mastering. For the first time, producers and engineers could shape the contours of their final mixes with unprecedented precision.

Now, Waves is proud to present the L3-LL, a multiband peak limiter that lets you maximize your mix, track by track, instrument by instrument. Including the same versatile presets that made the L3 the favorite of engineers the world over, the L3-LL extends the capabilities of the L-Series by leaps and bounds. Plus, its low latency opens up a new world of multi-track possibilities, making it an indispensable tool for mixing and mastering engineers alike.

The L3-LL’s PLMixer™ Peak Limiting Mixer technology, with minimum-phase crossover filters designed for low latency, maximizes your volume with breathtaking detail. When you need maximum sound with minimum latency and complete control, the choice is clear, loud and clear.


* Minimum-phase crossover filters designed for low latency
* Brickwall limiting on 5 user-definable bands
* Mono and Stereo components
* IDR™ Increased Digital Resolution dithering & noise shaping
* Complete L3 preset sharing and saving
* Double precision processing

2 Plug-in Components L3-LL Multimaximizer and L3-LL Ultramaximizer

Peak Limiter

* Threshold -30dB to 0dB
* Out Ceiling -30dB to 0dB
* Attenuation Meter -30dB to 0dB

Ultramaximizer Only Controls

* Release 0.10 to 10
* Profile Sets up the behavior of each band's parameters according to pre-set values

Multimaximizer Only Controls

* Master Release 5 release behavior types and release amount (in ms) affecting all bands
* Crossover Controls Low (20Hz – 350Hz), Low Mid (150Hz – 3000Hz), High Mid (1000Hz – 5000Hz) and High (3kHz – 11kHz)
* Separation 0 to 100
* Gain -12dB to +12dB per band
* Priority -12 to +12dB per band.
* Release 0.1ms to 2,500ms
* Gain and Priority Link Switch


* Quantize 24, 22, 20, 18 or 16bit
* Dither Type 1, 2, or None
* Shaping Moderate, Normal, Ultra or None
* IDR Active/Bypass Lights up when active

The L3-LL Multimaximizer is available exclusively to owners of Mercury, Diamond, and the L3 Multimaximizer with current Waves Update Plan coverage.