Wusikstation v3.1.4

List of fixes:

* problem related to Dual-Core machines, loading up 2 presets/instances at the same time.
* problem with presets that has a DOT "." on the name.
* graphic-bugs of the File-Browser.
* problem with the Rank system.
* problem with the Percentage-Bar.
* crashes related to browsing presets.
* loading of files with a space before the file-name extention. EG: "Grand Piano .WusikPRST"
* while loading a preset, key focus remain on the main GUI
* display of RANK presets on the main-GUI was causing incorrect displays.
* problem when editing and loading effects.
* midi-learned CCs were not showing at the effects controlls.
* HQ Pianos - Essenfelder: the samples were all in mono, an error during conversion. We added a new set of files and a new preset, to update, download the following file "Essenfelder_Update.exe". Old projects won't be affected, as both samples and preset were saved on separated files. The new preset is "Essenfelder - Stereo Dyna Full 2.WusikPRST".
* All HQ Piano presets were updated, as they were a bit off tune. This won't affect your current songs, only new projects.
* categorized library updated. (organized presets that were on the wrong place)

From the homepage:
Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts

Wusikstation is one of the most popular Sampler/Rompler out there. Since it started, if got more and more features asked by users, a new interface, easier way to load presets and much more. Its been rated by users the number one choice when creating songs.

It can cover pretty much any style of music. From NewAge to SoundTracks, from Dance to Techno. Thanks to the big selection of extra SoundSets provided by 3rd party companies, you will never get bored with it.

Price: $ 99.95