Yellow Tools - Independence v1.5.0

- Karlsruhe, Germany:
Yellow tools is proud to release an amazing major update for Independence. Version 1.5.0 again raises the bar for software samplers and workstations. And the best: Independence 1.5.0 is FREE for all registered Independence!
For Windows there is a totally new, incredibly powerful standalone version (Mac will follow soon) and the Mac OS X version is now also compatible to the new IntelMacs. In addition also the second Independence software extension - the Pro Surround Extension - is already included in the update, so beside the many powerful sound design and instrument features Independence now is also extended by an unique professional surround environment. The update also contains new instrument Layers for the sophisticate MIDI file player engine "Arranger" with automatic chord recognition. This new Flexible Modifier is a milestone for MIDI performances directly in a software sampler. Also new in Independence 1.5.0 are three powerful modeler: The Mic Modeler, the Cabinet Modeler and the Preamp Modeler. Beside many, many more innovative features, also the performance of Independence's basic technology "A.I.T." (Advanced Instrument Technology) was improved essentially - so you will have even more fun with Independence. You will find detailed information about all features of Independence 1.5.0 on the Independence product pages.
Update your version of Independence today and you'll experience how the best again became even better...
Shortly after Musikmesse (beginning of April) also the free updates to the new Independence Instruments Culture, Candy and Majestic will be available for all registered users.

Here is a short overview about what you can expect in Independence 1.1.1:

* New Windows standalone version: up to 32 MIDI ports (virtual and/or physical)*, up to 512 MIDI channels simultaneously, up to 64 Mono outputs, up to 64 Stereo outputs, support of multiple audio interfaces simultaneously.
* Universal Binary support for IntelMacs.
* Pro Surround Environment: support all professional surround formats, like Pro Logic, Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital, DTS, ITU, SDDS and many more up to 7.1.
* Origami: „Origami“ even manages „true stereo“ and „true surround“ processing up to SDDS 7.1 (up to 64 separate channels per interleaved audio file).
* New Internal Modifier “Arranger”: Intelligent MIDI File Player with automatic chord recognition
* New Insert Filters & Effects: Mic Modeler, Amp Modeler, Cabinet Modeler, Channel Manager, Calibration, Metronome, LFE Filter, Satellites HP Filter, Surround Panner, Reference Tone
* Expanded MIDI Groove Player: „note filter“, „play range“, scale velocity“, 3 randomizers „time“, „velocity“ and „note“.
* New Quick Edit page: with basic volume, panorama, pitch, EQ Color, Filter Area, Effect Area
* New Help page: PDF files and online links
* Over 250 Instrument Icons
* New Layer Channel Display
* New Controller Option for Modifiers
* Enhanced audi file browser display with number of channels, bit rate and sample rate of each audio file
* Improved workflow, performance and stability
* Over 70 other new features, fixes and improvements
* Interfaces: VST, AudioUnits (Mac), RTAS, standalone (Windows)

From their homepage:
Simply the fastest and most powerful Sampler, Virtual Instrument, Workstation, ...
INDEPENDENCE is the ultimate and innovative "Sonic Workstation" for sample libraries and closes the gap between Virtual Instruments and Samplers. From both these systems only the advantages were combined to an intuitively operatable software solution. Furthermore this powerful tool was extended with many professional and innovative features for highest musical demands and creativity. Read more here.