Ableton Live v6.0.7

Changes from Live 6.0.5 to 6.0.7
(Version 6.0.6 was not released as regular update, only as Live Lite Edition)


MIDI Controller surface support for Tascam's FireOne

Several help text corrections and translations


On a Mac, Live's window would be limited to a horizontal size
of about 4000 pixels only

Cropping a SD2 file would crash Live.
Note: Because Live does not create SD2 files,
sample creation actions like Reverse and Crop
produce Aiff files.

Using the arrow down key when the last scene was selected would not work properly.

Under certain conditions the context menu of an arranger
track could have the "Paste" command twice.

Under certain conditions, the Sampler instrument could
run into an invalid state depending on the loop settings.

Live would not allow to type values past the current end of the song
into the song position field in the transport bar.

Live would crash when opening a particular corrupt Live set.
Now it shows a message box.

Live would crash when deleting a track that contains a
muted clip with envelopes.

Under certain conditions Live would crash when rendering a
single track with a started session clip.

Under certain conditions the track status display shows "0:0"
for a running clip.

Dragging clips in the arranger and pressing Cmd-T (Mac) or Ctrl-T (Win)
to create a new track during dragging would cause Live to crash on mouse-up.

Under certain conditions Live could crash when receiving
MIDI remote data during particular actions.

Under certain conditions the LFO for a pitch modulation in
a Simpler or Sampler device could produce an invalid pitch
when the LFO was disabled.

Under certain conditions Live would freeze when entering a high
value (about 1000000 bars) for the song position

Live would crash when:
- creating an arranger MIDI clip and showing it in the detail view
- Selecting the numerator or denominator of the signature in the transport bar
- typing a new number, but not pressing enter
- clicking in the MIDI editor

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