Alien Connections - ReValver Mk II beta build 07.04.11

Making Music

A new beta version of ReValver Mk II for Mac and Windows is now available.

* Mac: Many GUI issues resolved, such as "dislocated GUI's"
* Fixing stereo problem with OverDriver
* Title module, added links to About, Help, Options
* Option: Allow GUI resize
* Mac: Marginally quicker preset redraw.
* Mac: Added window handling options (for beta testing)
* Mac: Fixed missing file extensions to module presets, presets,
* Mac: "Expert options" are now folded back by default.

Most notably, the Mac version fixes the well known problem with "dislocated GUI's", making it compatible with more hosts, such as GarageBand for PPC, Digital Performer etc...

ReValver Mk II is a second generation tube amp modeler in VST (Windows) and VST/AU (Mac OSX) format. It also contain a Live host ASIO/WDM (Windows) and CoreAudio (Mac OSX).

It models several "classic" amps with a lot of detail, and most of all, capturing the true nature of the vacuum tube sound. Over 15 programmable features of each tube stage can be set with a graphical interface. Every tube in all amps can be tweaked. As many as 17 tube types are included to choose from.

ReValver Mk II also models several stomp boxes, effects, reverbs, compressors etc... Over 50 available modules warrants the use of the word "Multi FX". Read more.