Celemony - Melodyne plugin v1.0.2


Depending on the source material the detection works up to four times faster now.
RAM usage
The RAM usage has been optimized. This leads to an improved overall stability,
especially when working with larger files and multiple instances of Melodyne
Bug Fixes
Installation directory
You can now choose the directory in which Melodyne plugin will be installed.
The first playback after (longer) detections works flawlessly now.
The tempo gets displayed exact now up to 1/1000th beat per minute. Example:
120.123 bpm.
Melodyne plugin will follow tempo changes now, even if the tempo differs slightly
(more than 1/100th bpm).

plugin and bridge
A problem has been solved that could lead to problems when Melodyne plugin
and the MelodyneBridge were used in one project.
Pro Tools: grey window
In Pro Tools the plugin window could turn grey in a few cases. This is fixed now..
Cubase: no window
In Cubase (win) the plugin window may have become transparent in a few cases.
This is fixed now.
Also the controls on top of the plugin window in Cubase (Mac) are no longer hidden
behind Melodyne plugin.
Sonar: Clip FX bin
A graphic problem is fixed, that led to errors when used with Sonar.
Tracktion: stereo files
Transferred stereo files are now played back properly in Tracktion.
Known Issues and Workarounds
Look of tools
[Live] Some tools don‘t change their shape when used in Ableton Live. (but they
do change their function though, which means that they work properly – they just
don‘t look right.)
Coming back to Melodyne plugin after having switched to another application
(other then your host, i.e. your e-mail program) you'll see the main tool, even if
another tool has been selected. Rapidly moving the mouse will make the tool look
right again.
Timeline disappears
When you call up any of the macro-windows („Correct Pitch“ or „Quantize Time“),
the timeline in the main window of Melodyne plugin disappears and the autoscroll
function is turned off temporarily. This is, however, only an optical issue and it
does not effect the audio signal or the functions associated with the macro
windows. After leaving the „Correct Pitch“ or „Quantize Time“ window again the
timeline and autoscroll return to their normal behavior.
Resizing the plugin window in Pro Tools
When you‘re running Pro Tools on Intel-Macs you can‘t use the keypad to enter the
user size of the Melodyne plugin window. You have to use the numbers on the
alphanumeric keyboard instead.

Melodyne plugin integrates the most important of Melodyne's functions directly into a host sequencer. Correct pitch and timing, quantize audio, restructure melodies and more – it has never been so easy. Supported interfaces are VST, AU and RTAS. Crossgrades (from Auto-Tune, Waves Tune et al.) and Loyalty Upgrades are available – and even a free Melodyne plugin for registered users of Melodyne studio! Read more.