Eiosis - AirEQ 1.3.1

* Clip indicator: Show or hide the output clip LED. Normal or hold mode. In hold mode, you can reset the state of the LED indicator by clicking on it.
* Separate disable of input and output M/S matrixes. You can now use an external M/S encoder or decoder before or after AirEQ.
* Plugin load problem on OSX on certain hosts and certain circumstances is now fixed.
* Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor: crash while saving a project is fixed.
* GUI refresh when using display options on VST PC now works fine.

AirEQ® is a new musical equalizer created to meet every single expectation of musicians, mixing engineers and producers. It's been conceived to be the only high quality equalizer you need.
Mixing, mastering, tracking, whatever your sampling frequency is, AirEQ always brings you the same quality of equalization in the whole audio range. And you can use it on every track, without overloading your CPU.
Its quality, ergonomics and efficiency will make AirEQ an essential musical tool when an excellent analog-like equalization, ease of use and low cpu usage are required.

AirEQ accurately reproduces the analog equalization characteristics : the curve precision and the phase's variation are the key points of the analog sound. But we also reproduce musical tuning ways which are an important part of the sound of a high end equalizer.
AirEQ also features a special "Air" band, which is a new type of filter that helps you to restore or to add sound brightness. Read more.