Elevayta Creativity Tools 2.0


The 'Elevayta Creativity Tools' bundle is a collection of 4 unique VST plug-ins intended for enhancing and inspiring your creativity.

The 4 VST plug-ins contained in this bundle include:

* Elevayta Convo Boy - The easy-to-use, high quality, convolution engine. Load, manipulate and SAVE your customized impulse response files. Unique capabilities compared to any other convolution effect.
* Elevayta Choir Boy - Provides high quality polyphonic pitch shifting with formant preservation. With full MIDI control.
* Elevayta Wider Boy Pro - The ultimate stereo spatializer complete with MIDI pan control.
* Elevayta Clone Boy - The most advanced, yet easy to use, cross-synthesis and stereo vocoding tool available (features unique Elevayta Tx/Rx technology).

No other set of audio tools provides this much power, flexibility, quality and diversity for the price!

"Single click" installation (meaning "very easy to install") of all components, including instructions!

25% saving compared to individual components!

System Requirements

* Windows 98 or any later Windows OS.
* About 1 MB of harddisk space.
* 1+ GHz processor.
* Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.

Demo Limitations

There is no demo for this bundle. Before considering a purchase, you are strongly advised to test each of the elements (demos of which can be downloaded via this site).