Futuresphere sample library for TSW Pro


Evolving scenes, heavy impacts, sweet ambience - this is a long awaited sample library for TSW Pro and ws-engine compatible sampleplayers. Everything recorded in true stereo, just load the L and R sample into two layers for the amazing room sound. Sonic atmospheres of the future created by skilled sounddesigners. Perfect for movie sound, computer games and animation, new age atmospheres. A huge library of 480 MBs with long samples up to 30 seconds and more! Very useful for intros and interludes as well and of course for all musical styles.

To create these amazing sounds we used high-end analog synthesizers, latest technology digital sound devices as well as rare acoustic instruments including ethnic instruments and: a full orchestra with 16 violins, 8 celli and 6 brass players. A very unique sample library.
Format ws-engine, downloadable, Euro 59,--