Jonas Norberg - Helix Beta (Pc/Free)

Making Music

Helix VSTi


Four oscillators with individual nine voice "unison" for an amazing
36 oscillators per voice.

Powerful spectral morphing through innovative wave-table-shaping.

A plethora of filters, ranging from standard low pass to per-voice-

* 2007-04-27 Added display of active voices
* 2007-04-26 Fixed a crash with the Global Envelope Generator (EG2), Added readme file
* 2007-04-25 Fight denormal issues (at least in delay and reverb), includes a VU-meter, automatic shutdown of effecs when idle to save CPU (vu-meter goes blue), Fix bug when using big buffers
* 2007-04-24 Fixes issues with crash on close (fix confirmed on energyXT2 BETA 21-april-07)
* 2007-04-23 First public release