nashNET - reViSiT v0.90.1 Beta (Pc/Free)


v0.90.1 [ADD] Instruments Labels - use letters, symbols, numbers
to identify instruments in the pattern and list.
[ADD] Instruments Colours (Alt 0-4, in Instrument List)
[ADD] Channel Naming (in Order List)
[ADD] Channel Colours (in Order List)
[ADD] Keyswitch MIDI Effect (Adv. MIDI Settings)
[MOD] Alternative mixing code (supports Surround Sound)
[MOD] New Channel Configuration interface (Order List)
[MOD] Alt-L now alternates between channel and pattern.
[MOD] Editing mode (pan/vol) now displayed in editor.
[FIX] Note stealing / key-repeat conflict.
[FIX] Minor graphics update bug.
[FIX] Window not auto-scrolling with selection creation.
[FIX] Highlighting errors in Instrument List.
[FIX] Uninitialised variable access in pattern drawing.
[FIX] Channel Name truncated to channel width.
[FIX] Improvements to thread safety.
[FIX] Minor memory handling errors in UI.

v0.90 [MOD] Minor aesthetic changes.
(beta) [MOD] End key now skips to last entry in Order List.
[MOD] End key now alternates between end of instrument/
sample name and PLAY button.
[MOD] Held key no longer retriggers in audition mode.
[MOD] Note Off no longer 'sounds' for note entry (except
when pattern follow is ON and pattern is playing)
[FIX] Text entry for sliders bug.
[FIX] Cursor drawn over volume amplification box.
[FIX] Slider graphics not updating with mouse use.
[FIX] Flickering in MIDI Settings dialog.
[FIX] Default MIDI velocity and Pitch bend range bug.
[FIX] MIDI effect 00 setting no longer uses last value.
[FIX] Alt-8 Set Cursor Step not functioning.

Tracking is a method for computer music almost as mature and time-honoured as MIDI. Sometimes better, sometimes not so - always different.
Tracking has to date been the remit of dedicated underground [freeware] software called "Trackers", particular examples of which (eg. Fast Tracker, Impulse Tracker) have almost acrued cult-status with multi-million strong user-bases. The integration of the Tracker architecture (notably its User Interface*) in sequencer software, will bring the best of both worlds to the composer.

Sequenced and "tracked" music will be feasible within a single work. Composers can rely on the MIDI support and score facility of sequencers and/or turn to reViSiT for finer control of their music and audio.

The net result of a tracker, like all music applications, is audio. However, depsite the name, trackers should be likened to a software-sampler rather than a multi-track recorder. Inside a sequencer, reViSiT users will have full run of the hosts facilities in this department.

Though "tracked" music has often been combined with video, no freely-available software exists to this end. reViSiT will be able to use any such facilities in the host sequencer.

* The reViSiT interface is based on that of Impulse Tracker II, a development of Scream Tracker III.

VSTrack is the ultimate union of sequencing and tracking. reViSiT
is a VST Instrument (VSTi) plug-in for VST-hosts (such as
sequencers) that provides a tracker interface, based on Impulse
Tracker II, to the user.
Unlike normal VSTi's which simply take MIDI input, reViSiT's
editor window is a tracker interface, which takes on the role of
the 'music sequencer' - synthesizing both music and sound.