Nassen - Matryx updated (Pc/Pro/Free)



* Scripting engine.
* Mixer improvements - Pan Laws.
* Better help file (still needs a lot of work).
* More examples.
* Icons (drum sequencing).
* A lot of bug fixes.
* and more...

Matryx is in the first place a sophisticated step sequencer designed for complex loop creation.

Matryx has all kinds of panels, pattern-sequencers, and a song-sequencer to live record midi-in and user interface interactions including Vst-tweaks. A script engine lets you compose in a unique way

Matryx can be the start of a composition as a loop creation tool, a variation generator for themes, a scratchpad for song layout, and a Modular VST-rack.

But, surely, the main purpose is to be an innovative sequencer to be used in your creative process.


* Loop creation sequencer
* VST Host with Asio and Rewire support
* Mini Modular
* MidiIn + MidiOut, MTC
* VST MultiOut support
* Asio Audio record support with threshold level
* Midi Import/Export
* Mixer and mixer-states with interpolation
* VST Automation
* Wave Render (16bit|32bit)
* Chords and strumming
* Phraserecord, Rythm record, Step record
* Performance record
* Beziers
* Rythmical controllers/transposers
* Skinnable

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Early adopters version available for €25!
The FREE version has project save enabled.
No time limit, no nag screens. Just testdrive it for as long as you want.
It may look complex in the beginning...but we are sure, it will be rewarding.