Novuzeit - Neon Black

Neon Black is a Lead Synth for Windows.

From the homepage:

Almost all synthesizers are designed to be "do it all in one box" devices, but not Neon Black. Instead, Neon Black focuses on one sole purpose, LEADS. If you want a searing synth to bring your legato dreams to stark reality, Neon Black is your new favorite tool. With two phase-distortion oscillators (each using definable dual waveforms), and one pulse-generation oscillator (with dimension scaling), Neon Black creates synthetic tonal variety with extreme ease. These three oscillators are then fed through over 40 different patching parameters combined with 20 different (and extremely reconfigurable) internal LFOs for truly unprecedented control diversity. Lastly, five specialized FX units complete the array, PHASE (phase-distortion), STEREOPHONICS (stereo effects), DISTORTION (quantizing and bitcrushing), FILTER (modeled analog with five different bandpass types), and DELAY (multi-type).


Nearly every control in Neon Black's GUI has a default CC value (listed in its tool-tip for ease of reference). Simply map your outboard MIDI controller's parameters to match the default CCs for instant hardware control. If that's not good enough, don't worry, Neon Black is the first NOVUZEIT VST to incorporate MIDI LEARN throughout. Now you can truly customize Neon Black's controls to match your outboard MIDI gear however you see fit, with just one simple button press.


There's no need for rendered hardware images, multi-hued gradient-filled eyecandy, or animated spectrographs here. Rather, Neon Black's GUI has been simplified as much as possible in order to expediate the patching process. The visual layout is based upon the actual internal flow of the synthesis engine. And nearly every single parameter is tool-tipped verbosely. Indeed, this minimalist interface allows for extensive sessions, and the no-fluff layout results in faster patch creation. However, there is a secret to be found in Neon Black's GUI; one that brings truly pulsating Neon to the stark Black machine before you.

The full version of Neon Black gets rid of the random silence,
includes 100 presets*, and the official user's manual.

Neon Black is currently only $20.00 USD.