Outsim - SynthMaker 1.0.5

From the homepage:

Release 1.0.5

This release contains some important fixes. In particular there's a correction to a previous change made to the Multiplexer that was causing random crashing. There are also various fixes to the wireless links some of which were causing crashes during schematic editing and on close.

The Drop List component has been modified so that you can now create cascading sub-menus. These are specified directly in the string list by grouping sub menu items between <<>> strings.

For example,

A string list of:

would create a menu with 3 items. Item2 would be a sub menu with two sub items.

You can also now specify alternative typefaces for the Font component. These are used if the required typeface is unavailable on the target system. Alternative fonts are specified as a comma separated list and are tried in order.

There's a new Time Signature component with a green Float output, 3 new array sample and hold components and new Waveshaper, Noise Gate, Scope, Denormal Remover and Power modules. A new Analysis group houses the Scope and readout modules together with the display components.

Additions and Fixes

– New Assign inputs on Int, String and Float Arrays
– Corrected a problem with redraws on property pages causing lockouts from edit controls
– Fixed the problem of links being disallowed when moving links when the connector type is different
– Stream Booleans were not compiling through wireless links
– New alternative typefaces input to the Font component allows you to specify which type faces to use when the specified one is not on the target system
– New cascading menu handling for the Drop List component
– Corrected problems caused by the DC offset change in the Multiplexer that were causing random crashes
– Fixed a redraw problem that was causing the display to draw incorrectly sometimes when opening or closing the GUI window in an exported plugin
– New Time Signature component using triggered Float data
– Fixed a problem with wireless links which was causing crashes on close
– Wireless links were not updating correctly after performing operations which caused the connector type to change for a Wireleass Input or Output (deleting
– Fixed a bug in the Load Bitmap component which was causing a crash when loading a bitmap for the second time
– Fxed a problem with crashing when using MIDI cc in SM
– The default icon for exe export wasn't being installed and this was causing crashes when exporting
– The Multi Osc now contains a full Sawtooth instead of the half bandwidth one that was there by mistake - other affected modules have been updated too
– There's a new Analysis group on the Filter Bar containing the Scop and readouts together with the displays
– 3 new array sample and hold components

New Components:

– Float Array Sample and Hold
– Int Array Sample and Hold
– String Array Sample and Hold
– Time Signature

New Modules:

– Noise Gate
– Waveshaper
– Scope
– Stream Power
– Fast Power
– Denormal Remover

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