Rough Draft Audio - Linear Phasor (Pc/Free)

Making Music
Linear Phasor is a free phaser VST effect plugin.

From the homepage:
Linear Phasor is the perfect marriage of vintage analogue equipment to the perfections of modern Digital Signal Processing.

Specially developed algorithms calculate the changing features a cascaded allpass network, as the LFO sweeps the selected frequency range, guaranteeing a perfectly flat response with none of the unfortunate sound-colouring associated with analogue technology.

It features:

> a 2-36 stage allpass filter cascade

> a user-definable frequency range for sweeping
[Note: For reasons of purity in emulation, the LFO is free running - like the Titanic, it is unsyncable.]

> a bypass control for A/B comparason

> a unique 'PhasoMeter' to ensure that the input and output signals in perfect phase with each other. Any inconsistencies are highlighted in red.

Never again need you worry about degrading the quality of your audio when using classic retro-emulations!