Sagan Technology - Metro

Fixed in this version:
• Groove quantize was not working for factory grooves on Mac Intel machines.
• In some cases the continuous data display was incorrect.
• Using the mouse wheel to scroll an unselected pane in the graphic editor would cause the program names field to flash in some cases.
• Vastly improved compatibility with Access Music's Virus TI plug-in.
• Better CoreAudio support for half duplex devices.
• Certain undo operations would not restore the track selection correctly.
• Inserting an event from the section event editor would clear the entire undo history.
• In some cases Mixing audio could be slowed by continuous unnecessary refreshing of the graphic editor.
• Recording of MIDI volume and pan information would fail in some cases.
• On Intel macs only, real time audio track edits would occasionally send a small amount of bad data (big-endian) to plug-ins causing them to sometimes crash, spike or go silent.
• Software audio play-through is now automatically disabled if a direct output is selected.
• On rare occasions it was possible that audio recording could miss a buffer if the thread priority was set to anything other than none.
• A rare crash could occur if there were no MIDI devices.
• The jukebox would incorrectly try to add ID3 tags to .MP4 files.
• Automating on a track assigned directly to a port was creating an automation track with no output assignment.

Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system.

The audio system supports up to 64 audio tracks. Each track can have its own effect chain. Eight aux busses are also supported. Each with their own chain. Chains can be made up of VST effects and/or AudioUnits (OS X only). VST 2.0 is supported. All effects can be automated. Real-time editing is encouraged. Software audio play-thru allows the original audio to be recorded regardless of what plug-ins are currently in use.

The MIDI system has been around since the 1980's and is the most versatile and stable product of its kind on any platform. Metro combines all the functionality expected from a professional Macintosh MIDI sequencer with a simplified interface and innovative ideas, such as the Rhythm Explorer™ and the algorithmic Note Spray Paint tool.This MIDI system has been updated to support CoreMIDI and VST technologies.

The video system uses Apple's QuickTime technology for recording, applying video effects and overlaying text.

Complex projects can now be completed simply and elegantly.

Price from: 70 dollar